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Increased Enrollment Numbers For Fall Semester Off To A Slow Start

by Diondra Clements

As the end of the spring semester approaches, it is becoming time for high school seniors and college transfer students to decide where they are going to study, come August 2017.

Recently at Central Connecticut State University, there has been an increase in school tours and admitted student days, inviting many students to walk around campus and wonder if CCSU is the right place for them.

Feb. 18 and March 26 were dates of Admitted Student Days and April 8 was the most recent Open House.

Before visiting campus, many see CCSU as an “easy” school that offers few job opportunities following graduation.

However, in the last three years, recognition of CCSU has gone from a school that’s easy to get into, to being recognized for its actual achievements.

“Our advertising has only been getting somewhere the last three years. Additional resources have been added recently. Thanks to President Toro, she has been adding to the additional resources,” said Lawrence Hall, director of admissions.

The application deadline for high school seniors to apply to CCSU is May 1 and the deadline for transfer students is June 1. The current total of students who have sent confirmation of their acceptance as of April 13 is 645 for freshmen. CCSU’s goal is 1,300. For transfer students, 225 have sent acceptance confirmations, with a university goal of 895.

Though this may seem like a small number, Hall reassured that it was an increase from previous years, also touching upon the fact that this is not an official final count. It will not be until the middle of July that the school will have a finalized count of new students enrolled at CCSU.

Hall explained that sometimes they may not know the official count of the total incoming freshmen and transfer students until the first week of September.

As far as the financial situation goes, Hall also made note that they have already seen an increase in deposits compared to last year at this time. Freshmen deposits are up by 96 and transfers are up by five. Although this is an improvement, there is still more that can be done.

“Even though we’re very visible to the Hartford/New Britain community and its surrounding areas, the bread and butter is we want to be visible to different cities, such as Danbury and Stamford,” said Hall. “Reaching out to students out-of-state and even started to get our feet wet in the international field about three years ago.”

The largest factor in recruiting new students is finding how to attract more people to CCSU with reasons other than it being close to home or knowing someone who attends.

CCSU sophomore Dejhana Sejdiraj’s initial thought when she first got to CCSU was that it felt “homey.”

“My sister was already attending this school, so that helped in  my decision to apply,” said Sejdiraj. “I’m actually glad I got denied at UConn because I absolutely love this school. It honestly feels like a home to me.”