Sitting Down with New SGA Executive Board

by Lauren Lustgarten

President Brendan Kruh

President Brendan Kruh, 362 votes or 43.04%.

Q: As president, what are just some of your roles?

“On paper, I am responsible for chairing meetings, forming committees, planning SGA retreats and attending weekly meetings with the Vice-President of Student Affairs. However, I see my responsibilities as much more; it is vital that I participate in as many events as I can on this campus and ensure that I know as much as possible regarding to what is happening on this campus and off.”

Q: What do you think helped you to win the majority of the votes during your campaign?

“What I believe helped me the most in my campaign was that I have worked very hard for almost three years to become involved within the campus community. I believe that my experience and passion were the driving forces which led the students who voted for me; and I am grateful for their recognition and blessing.”

Q: What do you want to change most about/with SGA? How do you plan to change those things?

“I would really like to work on SGA becoming a more efficient vehicle for students to come and bring their initiatives and ideas forward. Our organization has an extremely solid foundation and infrastructure which can be utilized in the facilitation and implementation of any initiatives of students which are brought forward. Therefore, I would like to make it abundantly clear to the student body that our Student Government is there for them and that we will help bring their ideas from concept to conclusion. This goes for the internal function of the body as well. As President I would like to be there for Senators as they come up with new and inspiring ideas. I would like to be able to use my resources, experience and knowledge as an aid in assisting them in each of their endeavors.”

Q: Moving forward, what are your visions for SGA? CCSU?

“I strongly believe in the Central Story, which is the story of each of us as students. I would like to tell that story by having banners put up on the light posts around campus, which would show off our students and their efforts on campus. I would also like to see easels placed all around campus which the SGA will update weekly with the coming weeks events, meetings and games. The point in both of these initiatives is to engage our students and to get them excited to be involved. After we all graduate, we will want to look back at our experience and really feel as if we made the most of it. With this initiative I believe we will be enabling our students to take advantage of all the opportunities this campus provides.”
Vice President Marissa Cusano
Vice President Marissa Cusano, 346 votes or 40.99%.
Q: As vice president, what are just some of your roles?
“Some of my roles as vice president would include the Club Liaison Program; this is where each club is assigned a senator to help them with anything that is needed by the club or organization. I will have the responsibility of chairing the meetings for our Internal Affairs Committee and organizing the stipend review process through this committee at the end of the semester. I am also in charge of creating the stipend contracts for all senators. In case of the president being absent from a Senate meeting, I would chair that meeting, along with being able to pass legislation of the senate in the absence of the president.”
Q: What do you think helped you to win the majority of the votes during your campaign?
“For my campaign I feel that it helped that I wasn’t afraid to go out and talk to people whom I’ve never met before. I went outside my comfort zone in order to talk to as many individuals on campus as possible. I was very passionate about my ideas for the senate next year and I feel as though my passion played a factor in winning a majority of the votes. I received a lot of good feedback and backing on my ideas for the Liaison Program and I feel as though it was those ideas that gained me a lot of support.”

Q: What do you want to change most about/with SGA? How do you plan to change those things?

“My first priority within senate is the Liaison program. I want to increase the communication between clubs and the Student Government as well as getting senators more involved in the clubs in which they are representing. I have a lot of ideas on how to improve the relationship between senators and clubs and I am currently in the process of putting those plans into action with the help of the President Elect and Treasurer Elect. We all are working hard together in order to prepare for the upcoming year. We are already meeting regularly in order to make sure that all of the changes we feel are necessary are getting talked about. We are being a very proactive incoming Executive Board and I could not be more proud or thrilled to work with such amazing men.”

Q: Moving forward, what are your visions for SGA? CCSU?

“Moving forward, my vision for SGA is to increase our communication with clubs, organizations, and all students on campus. We are here for the students and the students need to know that we are here to support them and help them with anything they might need. Another main vision of mine is for CCSU to have develop an increased sense of community on campus. Every single student should be able to feel at home here on campus. It is essential that there is a sense of comfort and safety on this campus, and that all feel accepted and supported.”
Treasurer Christopher Capiello
Treasurer Christopher Cappiello, 332 votes or 39.15%.
Q: As vice president, what are just some of your roles?
“As treasurer my responsibilities are overseeing the entire SGA budget, which next year, will be in excess of 1 million dollars due to the increase in the Student Activity Fee that was approved by the BOR last week. Additionally, I chair the finance committee and communicate with all clubs to ensure that they have the proper information needed to get funding from SGA.”
Q: What do you think helped you to win the majority of the votes during your campaign?
“I learned a lot last year when running for vice president; what works and what doesn’t work with campaigning. This year, I did not put up any posters of myself because I focused my energy on going out and talking directly with clubs and organizations to see what they wanted from SGA.  To sum it up, I feel like the most effective way to campaign is to talk directly to those that I will represent and not rely on posters and social media.”
Q: What do you want to change most about/with SGA. How do you plan to change those things?
“My main focus and change I want to see with SGA is making it easier for clubs to get funding. Currently we do all paperwork for financial requests via paper and I really am looking into a way to digitize that process to make it easier on the clubs.”
Q: Moving forward, what are your visions for SGA? CCSU?
“I will work the rest of the Executive Board to fix broader issues. It is clear that CCSU has no spirit and no sense of community, so I want to prove the financial support to the senate in order to foster a community spirit on campus.”

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