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Personal Identifiable Information Of More Than 340 Students Exposed

by Analisa Novak.

Personally Identifiable Information of more than 340 Central Connecticut State University students was accidentally sent out to the entire Computer Electronics and Graphic Technology Department Friday afternoon.

Information including Blue chip numbers, GPA’s, addresses, phone numbers and registration pins were sent out and attached in an email by department chair, Dr. Karen Tracey, who was not willing to comment on the matter.

“I made a huge mistake today and I ask that all of you PLEASE delete the excel file I sent you,” Tracey said in an email sent out shortly after.

The original email was supposed to contain information of what was going on in the department and upcoming registration. Attached to this email, students found an excel document titled “BS CET REVISED FOR FALL 2017,” that contained personal information of the 340 students that make up the department.

“I understand the need for such a file to keep track of all the students in the program, but how does one accidentally send that file. Also, as the dept for computer engineering, she should know how to lock the file. So why wasn’t it locked,” said a CCSU student who was on the email list and did not want to be named.

“The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (Codified at 20 U.S.C. §1232g) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. This law applies to student records at CCSU. Generally, CCSU may not disclose personally identifiable information within student education records without the written consent of the student at issue,” according to Confidentiality of Student Records: The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, last reviewed July 2016.

Many students were upset with there home addresses and grade point averages being displayed. They were also upset about how the issue was being downplayed.

“I was surprised not a lot of people knew about it, and I find it both scary and outrageous. It’s scary because this is a big issue. That email had all our personal information and it’s outrageous because why didn’t she encrypt this file to keep it safe,” said another CCSU student who was on the email list and did not want to be named.