A Very Grimm Curtain Call: Grimm’s Season Finale

by Nicolette Tartaglia

On October 28. 2011, the series “Grimm” premiered on NBC. Now, 6 years, 123 episodes, 131 Wesen and one Emmy later, the series has come to a close.

“Grimm” centers around a detective from Portland, Oregon named Nick Burkhardt. In the pilot episode, Nick’s dying aunt Marie Kessler comes to tell him about “the misfortune of their family.” He’s one of the last descendants of the Brothers Grimm, who wrote morbid fairytales about terrifying monsters. However, these stories were not fairytales, but rather warnings about real monsters called “Wesen” (pronounced “Vessen”).

When calm, Wesen look just like anyone else. When emotions run high, they transform into different animalistic beings or their true form. This is called a “Woge” (pronounced “Vogue”). No matter if they are trying to hide their Woge or not, Grimms can always see. Before Marie dies, she tells Nick that he “has to get the bad ones.”

Over the years, Nick learns about the Wesen world as he explores Marie’s Grimm books and befriends different types of Wesen. Legends such as El Cucui, La Llorena, and Krampus become a reality, and Nazi Germany is revealed to have been an attempt at a start to a world run by Wesen. He encounters different evil forces and organizations that kill Grimms. Because the Brothers Grimm were German, the overseas parts of the show are located in Germany and Austria.

An interesting aspect about this show is instead of taking out a chunk of the show’s timeline in between seasons, the upcoming season always starts up at the exact moment when the previous season ended. This leaves all of the issues that were occurring in the season before, the opportunity to continue right where they left off.

The stories within the show occasionally got lost, as Nick continued fighting Wesen. But the mysterious keys that were seen in the pilot episode finally circle back at the show’s 100th episode, “Into the Schartzwald,” when Nick and his friend Monroe travel to Germany to find the lost treasure Nick’s ancestors buried during the Crusades. From then on, the show takes a turn for the darkest and most important story yet: The End. Everything that had been happening came around in full circle in the final season. An ancient apocalyptic prophecy was coming to pass, and Nick was in the center of it all.

There was a fight that looked like it would leave Nick alone, but then the show had its final plot twist: the potential depressing ending turned into a happy one. This now leaves speculation for the show to continue with Nick and his family, or a spinoff with some of the supporting characters.

Whatever the future holds for the show, it will always be remembered by Grimmsters who valued their Friday nights sitting down and watching what their favorite Grimm was going to do next.