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Yo Soy Latina

By Kayla Murphy

“I think people should come see this show because there is a big message that I believe will inspire people. Enjoy who you are and take strength in your background,” says Simone Brown, a senior theatre student.

On Thursday April 20th at 7:30 p.m., CCSU students, staff and faculty have the opportunity to witness the free showing of “Yo Soy Latina” in Thorp Theatre in Davidson Hall. Hosted by the Women’s Center, the show is co-directed by Simone Brown and . The hour and a half long show was written by Linda Nieves Powell and has been performed on Broadway.

The cover of the play “Yo Soy Latina” by Linda Nieves Powell

“We waited awhile to receive copies of the script from Powell,” said junior social work student Demesis Negron. “We had to specifically email Powell to obtain rights for the show. She was very nice about lending the rights to us and wants to see a taping of our performance. This is the first time she is letting students and the university take charge of her show. She usually supplies other campuses with her choice of her actresses and directors.”

The show starts with an urban poet who sets the tone for the beginning of the show. The show consist of six main characters and touches upon important topics such as female empowerment, barriers, family, stereotypes and men.

“The show is very-well balanced,” said Brown, “there are parts that make you laugh, and then there are parts that are really emotional and hit home. It really makes you think.”

Brown and Negron casted the show during the fall semester and have been having rehearsal every week since January.

Negron said, “we really hope for a good turn out and support for the ladies who put in a lot of hard work to make this possible. Several years ago, CCSU performed this show, and I think we recent events happening, it’s time for CCSU to see once again what Latinas are about. It’s a really strong piece that I feel like everyone will enjoy.”

Having worked with the Women’s Center before when they sponsored her domestic-violence piece “Is That Love”, Brown hopes she can make all the staff and students at the Women’s Center proud.

“I really want to take advantage of these last few weeks we have. I want it to be just as good as Ms. Powell wrote it” said Brown.

The doors to the show open at 7 p.m. and the show starts at 7:30 p.m. Make sure to bring a friend or two to this empowering piece performed by fellow CCSU students.