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Tiger Jaw Return With New Song And Members

by Thomas Redding

Three years since the release of their previous studio album “Charmer,” the band Tiger Jaw is picking up right where they left off with the release of their new song “Guardian,” featured on their upcoming album “Spin” to be released May 19.

After the release of “Charmer” in 2014, three of the band’s longtime members left the group, leaving only guitarist/ vocalist Ben Walsh and keyboard player Brianna Collins.

The two decided to carry on with normal operations by adding a temporary-backing band for their upcoming tour that year. Fans were unsure on the future of the band, as it seemed they might be on a path to the end.

After about a one-year hiatus, the band has now been teasing the possibility that they have been working on new music, by putting up a blurred photo of what was assumed to be artwork for a new album.

After a few days, the album, alongside the new single and an upcoming summer tour, was announced.

The new song has many similar qualities to tracks off Charmer. It’s hard hitting, yet mellowed out in a way that allows to still be catchy, and has many fans hooked on what to expect from the album.

The band mentioned on social media that the new song, “Guardian,” was a good preview of “Spin.”

The lyrical content is about the effects of dealing with anxiety, while being a support system to others around.  The band, typically known for using metaphors, has included some in the chorus when singing.

“Burn a candle to my skin / Turn the handle, let me in / I cannot be your medicine anymore.”

The lyrics are what drew in a lot of fans at the start of the band. This has definitely been furthered into more meaningful topics, which can be seen in the production of “Charmer.”

With the loss of three-fifths of the band, the recording process was definitely going to be different than what was previously seen from the band.

The now duo went into the studio with producer Will Yip, who has worked with Tigers Jaw on almost all of their releases. Walsh was the original drummer of the band, so his capabilities were, without question, acceptable for being at the loss of a drummer. Walsh also recorded bass, as well as guitar for all of Spin. Collins has control of the piano/keyboard and even some vocals.

It has been rumored that Collins, who’s voice has typically been heard as a background vocal, will be singing lead on quite a few songs. This would definitely give a different sound.

Her voice is soft and quiet, meaning there may be a few mellow songs on the album, which is not a bad thing. Many fans prefer their more melodic slow songs to their fast, indie rock jams. Some think there will mostly likely be about a 50/50 ratio between the two.

As for live shows, the band will most likely continue with the musicians they had been using on their previous tour. Anyone interested in seeing Tigers Jaw can now buy tickets to their show at Webster Hall in New York City.

This is the closest to Connecticut that they will get, but it will be quite worth the trip. Joining them on this tour will be alternative rock bands Saintseneca, and Smidley,  both great for fans of the indie-punk scene.

You can pre-order the upcoming album Spin by Tigers Jaw at their website,, or digitally on iTunes. Overall I would rate “Guardian” a solid 10/10. I highly recommend pre-ordering this album, and also recommend taking a listen to their previous LP, “Charmer.”