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Mayday Parade Celebrate The Tenth Anniversary Of Their Debut Album

by Thomas Redding

Florida based pop punk/emo band Mayday Parade, celebrated their 10th anniversary by re-releasing their debut album, A Lesson In Romantics.

The band originated as two separate bands called Kid Named Chicago and Defining Moment.

The release included five demo songs originally featured on the album, and one unreleased demo called “Coming Back With Winter.”

The song sounds like a B-side because it doesn’t really fit in with the original 12 tracks that made the album. It has a similar sound seen from the band, but it doesn’t have that one good hook that the other 12 had. It is noticed why it didn’t make the album, but is still a great song. The song had its use, however, just a few years later.

The track was salvaged during the writing of their next album Anywhere But Here two years later. They pulled the lyrics and melody from the chorus of “Coming Back With Winter” to create “Save Your Heart,” which was featured as track 7, It then occurred to most fans why they might have included that demo on the re-release; it was a very nostalgic touch.

This was not the only change that was heard. In the demo recording of “Champagne’s For Celebrating (I’ll Have A Martini),” the chorus was sung in a different way, contrary to what many fans are used to hearing.

The change was truly a good one, although the demo has its perks as well. The bridge in the demo was sung with a different melody than the final song and some fans prefer this version to the much cleaner, polished studio recording.

During the recording of A Lesson In Romantics, the band had a sixth member, Jason Lancaster, who later left due to what he claimed as not having a larger role in the band. When the album was released, he left the band to start his own project “Go Radio,” who ended up signing to the same label.

One can easily understand after listening to the six demo tracks, that Lancaster must have felt a bit mistreated. Four of the six demos were entirely sung by him, but only one remained that way in the finished product.

It’s can be assumed he wrote the songs, but didn’t agree when producers wanted other lead singer, Derek Sanders, to be the lead on these tracks. The reason he left the band has become much more apparent after the release of these demos.

However, some fans are wondering whether he may join the band on their upcoming ten year anniversary tour. It would be the icing on the cake for long time Mayday Parade fans, which have yet to see the band play with all six original members. Many think it is highly unlikely because Lancaster’s band Go Radio broke up about a year ago, based on his decision to focus on his family life.

If anyone is interested in attending one of these anniversary shows, the closest stop on this cross-country tour is on May 6, at College Street Music Hall in New Haven, CT. Tickets are available online, and are selling fast. Joining them are pop-punk favorites Knuckle Puck, and an on the rise UK band, Milestones.