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Netflix It: New Girl

by Kayla Murphy

Besides my bias for binge-watching this “adorkable” show, New Girl has become one of the hottest trending comedies throughout the network. Starting back in 2011, New Girl has gained about 10 million viewers over the six seasons.

Kooky school teacher Jess, played by Zooey Deschanel, moves into an apartment in Los Angeles with three men after her boyfriend cheats on her. Her housemates Nick, played by Jake Johnson, Schmidt, played by Max Greenfield, and Winston, played by Lamorne Morris, all must help Jess get out of her break-up slump. Jess’s best friend CeCe, played by Hannah Simone, is also featured throughout the show aiding Jess, while forming a love interest with one of the housemates.

“I love the humor and quirky characters,” says junior theatre major Josh DiOrio, “I really like Zooey Deschanel as an actress.”

Highly recommending this show to others, DiOrio believes that people in general will enjoy this show because each of the characters has a different personality that anyone can connect to. “It’s an easily relatable show,” he says.

Freshman elementary education student, Lyndsy Ignacio, says she really likes the characters and how the characters interact with one another.

“I love their personalities,” she says. “I love Nick Miller, he’s my favorite character on the show. My goal in life is to marry my own Nick, he’s so cute,” she jokes.

Nominated for several Golden Globes and Emmy awards, New Girl combines comedy and dramatic elements that will engage a vast audience. The characters, all in their mid 30s, must figure out how to deal with maturing relationships and different career choices.

One thing that hooks me to the show the most is the different chemistry between all of the characters. Each episode is enjoyable and exciting to see which characters will develop into relationships.

Are you cheering for Nick and Jess to get together? Do you think Schmidt should stop pursuing his admirer? Will Winston ever get a decent girl? With smart writing, this is a show that genuinely makes me laugh. New Girl takes all the awkward moments of one’s life, such as first dates and new jobs, and turns it into irresistible goofiness.

No Netflix? No problem! Tuesdays at 8pm on FOX, one can catch up on all the crazy schemes of New Girl.