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Sitting Down with the President

by Analisa Novak


Unlike many presidents who are found only in meetings and their office, you can find this year’s SGA president on the front lines with the rest of the student government. Setting a new standard when it comes to the word “president,” Jahmil Effend is a face that many recognize on campus because he willingly chooses to participate in each and every single event that he can. The Bristol native transferred to Central Connecticut State University from Becker College two years ago, after he chose to pursue a new dream.

“Out of high school I went to play football at Becker, it was a D3 football college. I didn’t like football so midway through freshmen year, I transferred here,” Effend said.

Just because he didn’t want to play college football doesn’t mean that the sport left Effend’s life completely. With his roommate, Effend started CCSU Club Football, one of the most active and funded clubs on the CCSU campus. His dedication to the campus grew from this club and he soon found a new outlook and goal.

“I spent the majority of my time freshman year going to the gym, eating and going to class. I did that for the first two months and I realized that, that’s just not the way to spend your time. So I got involved in football club and took the risk,” said Effend.

That risk soon paid off as Effend then became involved with Central Activities Network (CAN) after orientation his sophomore year. He later became a program director and joined the senate last year. Quickly moving up the ranks, he became the vice president of the chair committee and one year later, Effend now holds one of the most important roles on campus as President of the Student Government.

Even holding a role as significant as SGA President, Effend is incredibly grounded for such a powerful position. This is a president that puts his personal cell phone number on his business card, letting it be known that he is available to help any student, anytime they need him.

“I want to spend more time out in the community, actually doing things, meeting with professors, meeting with people on campus and just being visible and being available,” Effend said.

What is even more impressive than Effend’s commitment to his role as president is the fact that he does all of this while being a double major. Effend will be graduating this May with bachelor’s degrees in both Accounting and Human Resource Specialization.  But for Effend, it is his drive and passion that keeps him level. He enjoys going to class every day and learning more about his major. Effend finds this to be the key to balancing a busy schedule.

“You need to chose majors that you love, because ultimately if you don’t love what you are doing in class, it’s going to be difficult,” said Effend. “I found that this year has been even easier than before because now I’ve started my management and human resources specialization and I really love it.”

Effend gets to bring the skills he learns in the classroom into his student government meetings each week. His motto of “do what you love” has brought a positive energy to the SGA, which sometimes has very tough decision-making meetings.

“I’m meeting with every senator one-on-one this year to get their goals, their expectations of the executive board, so that we all can have one collective thought and I could put out the best student government possible for the students,” Effend said.

Effend’s welcoming personality is something that he wants all students on campus to feel. Effend is the main organizer for the anti-discrimination rally happening this month. He noticed the importance of the positions that student government members hold and wanted to bring the conversation to CCSU. Effend’s main goal for this event is to unite the campus and bring them together against the causes of discrimination.

“We really want to promote that CCSU cares, we are a university that is inclusive, we are a university that doesn’t discriminate and one that doesn’t want to discriminate,” said Effend.

With such a short time as president, Effend and his E-board members have been making incredible strides for the CCSU community. He helped make last year’s election the most voted election in recent years. With an impressive and record-breaking amount of 551 votes on the first day alone, Effend credits this turnout to the candidate gallery he planned last May. This candidate gallery will become a staple in SGA elections for years to come.

With his legacy already cemented, Effend hopes that his time here will be remembered as a president that helped improve the relationship between student government and the CCSU students.

“I really want people to leave my presidency saying SGA is one of the most visible organizations on campus and I know what the student government does and I know what student government is.”

You can meet President Effend and other members of student government every Wednesday at their Student Government Association Meetings at 3:05 p.m. in the Student Center, Bellin A-B room.