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Trump’s Campaign Causes Friction

by Lorenzo Burgio

This past Friday, hundreds of demonstrators protested the California Republican Convention to oppose Donald Trump before he could conduct his speech.

The protesters made it clear they opposed Trump and his views, cheering, “ Shut Down Trump!” It seems this may be the only way to prevent anymore friction in this country caused by the Trump, as he is currently leading the rolls of California Republican Voters.

The protestors blocked off the road in front of the Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, California.

“Protesters — some of whom wore bandanas over their faces and carried Mexican flags,” said CNN.

“In Burlingame, just outside San Francisco, a diverse crowd of protesters gathered outside the Hyatt Regency, the side of the state convention, to brandish signs and change slogans like ‘racist, sexist, Dump the Trump,’” said the New York Times.

The road blockage caused Trump to pull over his caravan or SUVs and jump over a concrete median in the back of the hotel in order to use the back entrance. Trump later commented to CNN, “It felt like crossing the border.”

The day after the protest, Trump tweeted, “The ‘protestors’ in California were thugs and criminals. Many professionals. They should be dealt with strongly by law enforcement!”

This protest isn’t a shock, especially after he cancelled his event in Chicago. Recognizing what Trump represents and the friction he causes in this country, this was expected. It is counterproductive and simply asinine to insult one demographic and prioritize another. Something seen from Trump since the day he said he was running for president.

“The protests reflect the provocative nature of Mr. Trump’s candidacy and come as he has sought to re-establish himself as someone who can unite the party and, ultimately, the country. Despite those stated goals, Mr. Trump has continued to inflame the passions of his opponents by using heated language that has offended immigrants and minorities,” said The New York Times.

Trump will never be able to unite this country with his constant grotesque rhetoric that targets various demographics. He has caused a tremendous amount of turmoil between political parties and demographics already, and he hasn’t even made it to office yet.

We have seen nothing from Trump but him fueling the fire that is dividing our nation. As a country, we must ask acknowledge that presidential elections have not been this violent or out of control in recent years. There has never been this amount of turmoil between political parties and demographics. What has changed, is Trump is now running for presidency an we have allowed him to yell whatever he wants at whoever he wants with no backlash, for too long. And this is only a glimpse of what to expect if he is elected.