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SGA April 6, 2016 Meeting Bullet Points

by Nicholas Leahey 

  • A motion to approve a co-sponsorship with Natural Helpers in the amount of $2,500.00 was passed after a long debate and a recess. The SGA approved the money in a 19-1 vote, with two abstentions, that will help fund an alcohol awareness event put on every year by the Natural Helpers. They requested the money after money from a grant for the event ran out.
  • Motions were also unanimously approved for Theatre Unlimited and South Asian Students Association. Theatre Unlimited had their line item request approved to move $500 from entertainment purposes to recognition purposes, and $100 from entertainment purposes to refreshment purposes. Meanwhile, South Asian Student Organization had their line item request approved, moving $600 from their student center fees to money for supplies.
  • Senator Jahmil Effend brought up the possibility of adding more seats to the senate in the form of Transfer Student seats, and discussed bringing up a motion on the matter. After some discussion, a motion was made, and passed unanimously, to refer section five of the SGA constitution to the Internal Affairs committee for further review. The issue is intended to be brought up to the Senate again before the year is over.
  • Treasurer Brendan Kruh brought up discrepancies in the media board’s budget, according to his calculation, when discussing student activity fee increase. He questioned where some of the money goes to, in order to better understand their finances, and discuss the fee increase. Student Activities and Leadership Development (SA/LD) Director Scott Hazan pointed out that some numbers he received pertaining to the operations budget for the radio station may not be correct, and instructed him to speak with Assistant Director Susan Sweeney in SA/LD.
  • Upcoming CSU Day at the capital on April 19 was discussed. Students are encouraged to attend individually or as a club, and discuss why the state and local colleges should continue to be funded. A bus will be provided for transportation, and those interested should contact members of the SGA, or Senator Wyatt Bosworth.