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CCSU To Host First Annual CONNCOSGA

by Nicholas Leahey

Central Connecticut will soon be the hub for college student leaders across the state, as members of the CCSU Student Government Association (SGA) get ready to meet with members of other Student Government Associations from schools across the state for the first annual Connecticut Conference of Student Government Associations (CONNCOSGA).

The one-day event taking place on Monday, March 14, to discuss the theme of higher education, will feature SGA’s from schools including University of Saint Joseph, Trinity College, Eastern Connecticut State University, Manchester Community College and other members of the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU).  The University of Connecticut will not be in attendance as the conference takes place during their spring break.

“The whole point of the conference is to be a learning experience for the student leaders on SGA. We are having this conference to learn from student leaders across the state and have them learn from us as well,” said Senator Eric Ott, Chairman of the SGA Public Affairs Committee – the committee where the notion for the conference originally started.

The event will take place from 8:00 – 4:00 p.m. and feature a wide array of activities including presentations from all attending SGA’s, a “swap shop” for each school to showcase their apparel and a keynote address from State Senator Beth Bye, Chair of the Appropriations committee of the Connecticut General Assembly.

“We are excited to have Senator Bye come and speak,” said Senator Brian Nwafor, Chair of the CONNCOSGA and part of the committee created to oversee the making of the conference.

The conference will be modeled after the national Conference of Student Government Associations (COSGA) put on every year at Texas A & M University at College Station, Texas, and possess many similar features including individual breakout sessions in which members from other organizations will be able to share the inner-workings of their respective SGA’s. Members in attendance of that conference hail from various SGA’s nationally, as well as internationally, from countries such as Canada and Mexico.

“The conference itself was something we decided on doing after talking to other schools at COSGA,” said Senator Ott.

Members of the CCSU SGA hope to make the event an annual gathering, similar to COSGA, and hope to expand it in the future, making it more professional.

“We hope to make this a permanent thing,” said Senator Nwafor. He hoped to leave the event behind for future members of the SGA as a legacy, he added.

“Basically the whole goal is to learn from each other and bounce ideas off so that we may improve our ability to serve campus,” said Senator Ott. He believes the conference will benefit all students indirectly.

Registration for CONNCONSGA closes Friday, March 4, for all SGA delegates. After that date, the event will be open to all students, who will be able to register. Prices for students have not yet been outlined.