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‘Beliebers’ on the Rise

by Analisa Novak

photo from Flickr

In 2015, I became a “Belieber.” Before you go insulting my taste in music and questioning my sanity, understand that Justin Bieber’s new album “Purpose” surpasses any personal beliefs you may have of him. It’s that damn good.

In a time where purchasing albums and CDs is almost mythical thanks to streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music, “Purpose” brought back the importance of buying albums and listening to them entirely. I was originally drawn to this album for the two highly successful hits released before the album actually dropped. “Sorry” and “What do you Mean,” although sentimental, are instant club bangers that are on constant request. Bieber can transform songs that are worded to make you miss an ex, into a song you can dance to and sing loudly with your closest friends.

With those two hits on the radio prior to Bieber’s Nov. 13th release date, my curiosity was rampant. How is this the same Justin Bieber that made my eyes roll less than three years ago with his lyrics explaining how he could be my “Buzz Lightyear” in his single “Boyfriend?” The answer was simple, just as any other 21-year-old, he was growing up and his music was as well.

We have to remember, Justin Bieber has been in this industry since he was 13-years-old. He was discovered with an accidental YouTube click by marketing executive Scooter Braun. The rest is history, forever cemented with the term “Belieber” and his infamous bowl haircut. He was a phenomena at such a young age that he never had a chance to truly loosen up and break the structure that had been carefully crafted by marketing and label executives trying to capitalize on “Bieber-fever.”

Now at 21-years-old with four albums under his belt, Bieber is finally an independent artist. Multiple producer’s worked on “Purpose,” but the number one producer was Bieber himself. With that, “Purpose” comes off more as a synthesis of R&B and electro-dance, compared to the pop-high beats his previous albums have had.

Songs like “No Sense” and “Company” have you anticipating to see your special someone with their melodies. With the fame Bieber has, he can also have huge big name artists on his tracks, but chooses to do the opposite. Singing 10 out of the 13 songs himself, only three tracks feature other artists. Bieber chose Big Sean, Travis Scott and Halsey to be the three featured artist.

My favorite song on the album is “The Feeling” ft. Halsey, whose euphoric lyrics and rhapsody leaves me reevaluating my own feelings. I purchased “Purpose” and with that I also purchased a membership into team Bieber. He is currently preparing for his tour, which embarks in April and makes a stop in Hartford on July 10, 2015.

Whether your music taste is electric (“Where Are You Now”), R&B (“No Pressure”), Acoustic (“Love Yourself”) or Soul (“Purpose”). Bieber delivers them all in a perfectly packaged album that is truly an example of his resiliency as an artist and the vision for his music to come.