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Aurelius is Back at it With New Faces

by Sheridan Cyr

Aurelius has been through a great deal in its pursuit to becoming a larger part in the music industry. Founded in 2008 by Marcus Krysiak, the band has seen members come and go frequently, while Krysiak strives to find the perfect sound he envisions.

“It’s kind of difficult to label us into one genre,” Krysiak explained. As the main component of the band and writer of all of the music, he draws much of his influence of sound from Coheed and Cambria. After a moment of struggle, he offered, “We’re definitely a rock band… with a heavy influence, kind of progressive and artsy.”

What initially began as a five-piece group, has dwindled down to a current three-piece. Composed of Krysiak, who writes the music and plays rhythm and lead guitar interchangeably, and friends Angie Scott on bass guitar and Jesse Swieton on drums.

The band has spent more time as an instrumental group than one with a vocalist. While Krysiak hopes to find the right voice to enhance Aurelius, he doesn’t mind being strictly instrumental. “The music can be interesting enough on its own,” Krysiak said. “It takes guts. Most people want a vocalist to take some of the pressure off.”

Krysiak and Swieton came together three months ago, and Scott joined about a month ago. Though still working out the expected beginner’s kinks, “Yes, we’re tight as a group, but we’re not really quite ready to go out and promote ourselves officially,” Krysiak said. He explained, however, that they would do just fine in a show.

Their first show is actually coming up quickly. Aurelius will be playing in “Home for the Holidays” in Semesters on Dec. 2nd, in the Student Center along with a handful of other Central Connecticut-based bands. Including Decaying in Decades, headliners who put the whole event together, Static Charmer, Space Camp, Mandala and solo guitarist Matt Swieton.

“It’s so soon!” Krysiak said nervously, but immediately countered with assurance that the band is ready to take on the challenge.

Scott had never played bass guitar before joining the band, so she is learning it on her own in preparation for the show. Krysiak has been playing guitar since high school, and Swieton even longer.

Krysiak was able to show me “Pieces,” a song he wrote with the help of a friend in Ugly Duck Studios in Boston. His genre placement was accurate and has some heavy parts, but also an uplifting, charming feel to it.

Aurelius comes from the stoic philosopher and Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. “I always thought it had that floaty, dream-sounding feel,” Krysiak said, defining the name’s reasoning. He uses the name in many places of his life, including gamer tags.

Krysiak currently works as a manager at Aspen Dental in Meriden. The job provides the “income to supply my dream,” he said. When asked if he would pursue Aurelius into the big leagues, “One-hundred percent yes. If I had the opportunity to pursue it over dental, I would in a second. I can always get a manager position at any time, but music is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.”