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SGA Senators Fail to Meet Requirements, Still Receive Stipends


by Chris Marinelli

Eight out 10 senators who did not meet their stipend requirements still are receiving compensation, according to discussions held at the Student Government Association’s (SGA) last meeting.

Senator Wyatt Bosworth addressed the issues in the stipend review contract as guidelines were recently passed to allow senators to miss one of their requirements and still be eligible for their stipend.

“We all signed a stipend contract in the beginning of our term for us to retain our stipend. To lay out some numbers, out of everyone we reviewed on Monday, 10 people did not meet the stipend requirement,” said Bosworth. “Whether they missed office hours, or missed a meeting, out of those 10 people eight of them received their full stipends.”

Bosworth added, “The amount of paperwork that clubs have to go for work and document, just to get money passed, it’s a hypocrisy that we awarded these stipends.”

Not all senators agreed with Bosworth, as Treasurer Kory Mills interjected and said, “It’s very inappropriate for someone to stand up and say everything you just did was pointless. You had all year to say something, you can’t bring something up a week before something was about to end. If you had a legitimate problem with how someone was running something all year, then shame on you for waiting until now.”

“The idea that someone who doesn’t check all the boxes is a bad senator is nonsense,” added Senator Edward Corey.

Senator Lauren Hudobenko combated these notions and said, “I agree with Wyatt a lot. We have stipend review twice a year, and we had it at the end of the semester. I don’t know when we would say something.”

The current contract for stipend review is now being amended to resolve the issues brought up in the review process this year to avoid complications in future semesters.

Clubs can also look forward to a healthy base budget next year, and according to Mills, “Our base budget account has $351,000 in the beginning of next year. Roughly $100,000 from our reserve to fill what we have spent in our base budget.”

“The average percentage has gone up 57.41 percent, of that request is what the club received,” said Mills.

The senate also voted all in favor for the Affirmative Consent Resolution to pass. This will require all of the state schools to define consent in their sexual assault policies. According to Senator Joni Moody, “This bill is requiring a universal policy for them to have this in their sexual assault [record]. Central, Yale and Uconn already have this in their bill, and with this, all schools and universities will have this in their sexual assault policy.”

The SGA has its last meeting this upcoming Wednesday on April 29, and will be back in session for the fall semester.