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SGA Encourages Students to be Better Neighbors


by Ruth Bruno

The Student Government Association (SGA) is looking for more volunteers to join them tomorrow on their “Good Neighbor Campaign.”

According to Senator Dean Ott, the event will begin in the student circle at 2 p.m., with speeches from CCSU President Jack Miller, New Britain Chief of Police James Wardwell, SGA President Simms Sonet and Mayor Erin Stewart of New Britain. Following the speeches, students will enter into surrounding neighborhoods to pass out literature and door hanger flyers containing information and tips for good relations between neighbors and students.

Senator Eric Ott spoke on behalf of his committee at last week’s SGA meeting to encourage other senators to participate. “We really need help getting volunteers. It’s really important that we get out there and talk to the community.”

Sonet weighed in on the issue as well, saying that relations between CCSU and its neighbors can be strained at times. “We don’t have the best relationship with the community. We just need to reinforce that the students and the neighborhood have a good working relationship, and make sure that the communication remains open between the two.”

Senior class President Dean Ott noted that relations between CCSU students and New Britain residents have not always been amicable, specifically less so this year.

“Some issues have to do with parking on narrow roads due to the recent snow storms creating accidents, lack of lawn mowing, snow shoveling or property maintenance, and loud partying and obnoxious behavior without a way to contact individual residents.  All of these issues usually result in police intervention, but they do not have to,” wrote Ott in an email.

Despite the purported importance of the campaign, just an approximate 20 students had signed up as of last Friday according to Dean Ott who says he would like to see between 75 to 100 students participating in the event.

Ott says this is the first time CCSU has planned an event like the “Good Neighbor Campaign,” and feels that it is the most important event he has helped plan in his time as an SGA senator.

“There are some real nightmares some of these residents raising families have had to deal with in the past couple months, and they feel like they are alone in dealing with them,” said Ott through email.  “I feel it is our obligation to reach out and let them know that the majority of students on campus are good neighbors and are here to support our New Britain community.”