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by Christopher Marinelli

Several line item changes for clubs at Central Connecticut as well as updates concerning the construction of the new resident hall and dining hall were addressed at this past week’s Student Government Association meeting.

Line item changes were successfully passed for the NAACP club in the amount of $600 for refreshments after funds were left over from a movie showing. Since the club decided to use a different movie, they did not have to pay for the movie rights and were able to allocate their money to catering an event.

The Psychology Club also successfully moved $400 from conference-related funds to events in order to pay for the rights of Shutter Island to be shown at CCSU.

A line item change successfully passed for the CCSU Film Club in the amount of $530 in order to help cater the end of the year film festival.

A consent of the agenda was passed for three items under new business to be passed in a package vote. A line item change for the A Capella Society in the amount of $250, and a line item change for the Exercise Science Club was passed in the amount of $653 to help cater an end of the year event.  A contingency request was passed for COLADA in the amount of $500 towards paying for a DJ.

Director of School Activities and Leadership Development, Scott Hazan, spoke on the topic of money allocations for the rest of the semester adding, “All deadlines have passed for new money to be appropriated.”

A co-sponsorship request for PRIDE in the amount of $1600 brought up some conflict amongst the senate on whether or not they should pass it now or move it to be reviewed by the finance committee.

Certain senate members were vocal on whether or not the logo would be on the t-shirt for the event, and argued this was not enough of a reason to not pass it at this moment. “This is the most selfish thing this senate has ever voted on,” said Senator Wyatt Bosworth.

Other members disagreed and said it was important for the funds to be reviewed, with Senator Brendan Kruh noting that it was not a time-sensitive matter. Others supported this notion and wanted to evaluate the sponsorship more thoroughly since they had the available time.

The vote for the PRIDE allocations was voted on and passed to be moved to the Finance Committee, and will be reviewed through their meeting.

Vice president of Student Affairs, Laura Tordenti, gave an update on the new dining hall that is to be located up the hill behind Gallaudet. Construction is expected to begin in May 2015 and is expected to be completed in January 2016.

During the time of construction, 30 parking spaces will be taken up with 18 being permanently lost once the building is fully completed.