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Student Starts Study Website

by Kiley Krzyzek

Junior Eduardo Sebastiao is the creator of, a website that launched this week to help CCSU students set up study sessions with other students in their classes.

“It’s basically an academic network that can help CCSU students create and join study sessions with students taking the same courses,” said Sebastiao.

Sebastiao realized that he had friends in other majors, but had a hard time connecting with students in his classes.

“I came up with the idea for the website about a year ago, last fall. Last year I was attending community college and I was taking large courses with over 20-30 people in it. And I realized I wasn’t making connections with the other students. Same thing happened when I came to Central because most kids commute. I was going to class and going home, so I didn’t have people to study with,” said Sebastiao.

einStudy aims to change that, allowing students to meet people taking the same class, even if it’s at a different time.

“It’s a good way to get to know people and it’s also a good way to study. Meet people with the same academic goals and make friends in school,” said Sebastiao.

“It’s free of charge, you select your school, the sign up process is fairly simple. You select your major, you need your school email. Once you login you have the ability to select your courses, every course availible this year is listed,” explained Sebastiao.

In addition to selecting courses there’s an about me section on profiles.

“We encourage people to write about academic stuff because we don’t want to get too personal,” said Sebastiao.

Once you’ve created your profile and selected your classes, you have the ability to create invites for study sessions, sent via email and notifications to other students taking those courses as well. Then you can get together in the student center or library and go over course work together.

“Because if something happens not on campus, we don’t want to be responsible for that,” said Sebastiao.

The study session invite includes the date, time, location, and course.

“You can message students and say, ‘hey lets study for this class I’m struggling,'” said Sebastiao.

einStudy is kicking off at Central, and hopefully expanding to other schools soon.

“I’m just trying to get as many students involved as possible. I go to Central so it made sense,” said Sebastiao.

In the future, einStudy hopes to generate partnerships with local businesses to place student oriented ads and coupons on their website.

“Hopefully by spring semester, you can come to the deals page and see the coupons. If someone decides to advertise on our website we’re going to ask what you offer to our users,” said Sebastiao.

It’s been a learning process in itself for Sebastiao who has been working on the website since March. He’s been working on the programming, coding, design, and business aspect of things.

“I’ve spend a lot of time on this. Hopefully it pays off and we get a few people on the website. The goal with every startup is to become big. And we’re still working on coding. Our goal was to start at the beginning of the semester. Every day you wake up with a new idea. We’ll launch it, hear feedback, and make changes accordingly,” said Sebastiao.