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Restaurant Review: Wing it On!

by Dan Schwager

Students looking for a place to eat near campus with fantastic food, service and convenient hours should check out Wing it On!

Wing it On! is located in the old Tony’s Central Pizza location, right under Dunkin’ Donuts — next to Central Connecticut’s Campus.

The original Wing it On! store opened in August of 2011 in Waterbury. The owner and founder of that store is Matt Enseo. The chain has since expanded to multiple store-fronts in Connecticut.

​Wing it On has awesome selection of both regular and boneless wings. Some of the more popular wing selection since they have opened have been the hickory barbecue and “Red, White ‘n Blue Devils”.

One of my personal favorites is jerky, a Caribbean barbecue with classic sauce. They taste simply amazing; the BBQ sauce on them will transport you to BBQ heaven.

​If you feel daring, try the hottest wings on the menu: Wings of Prey. If you love hot and spicy food, these wings are the wings for you. But beware, these wings are both amazingly hot and painfully delicious.

The prices for regular wings are reasonable, starting at six for $5.99, 12 for $10.49, 24 for $19.99, 50 for $38.49 and finally 100 wings for $73.99.

The menu features a wide array of side dishes to go along with the wings. One of the best sides on the menu has to be the garlic Parmesan Fries. These fries are incredible, with a creamy cheesy texture and flavor as well as a hint of garlic.

They also have onion rings, which are thin and taste great. Another tasty side order are the Cajun Curly Fries, which are also delicious. I also recommend trying the fried jalapenos if you like it hot.

Wing it On also has a large selection of delicious burgers, starting at $6.79 for a regular. The menu also has choices of salads and wraps to go along with an already great selection.

Led by owners Daniel and Tiffany DaSilva, the customer service at Wing it On! is high quality.

The restaurant is painted with the chain’s signature colors: orange and black. There are large flat screen televisions scattered around the restaurant making a football fan at home.

Wing it On! becomes most popular at night because the restaurant has great hours. It opens at 11 a.m. and closes at 1 a.m on Mondays through Wednesdays. On Thursdays through Saturdays, the store is open from 11 a.m. until 2 a.m. On Sunday, the store is open from noon to 1 a.m.

While delivery can be slow depending on the day and location on campus, overall service is fairly quick. Wing It On! also doesn’t have a delivery charge for any location under three miles from the restaurant, unlike its competition Wings Over Newington. The store delivers until 1 a.m. on Monday through Saturday and up until 8:30 p.m. on Sundays.

In October, at the end of the month, Wing It On! will begin its eating contest. This is a crazy competition in which participants have eight minutes to eat as many wings as possible. The participant is not allowed to have blue cheese, ranch or anything to drink while participating. There is a catch to this: competition wings are three times hotter than “Wings of Prey”. The record all-time competition was set in Waterbury store at 30 wings.

Overall, Wing it On! caters to students looking for great food at great prices. CCSU, I’ve got three words for you: Wing it On!