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Travel Survival for Students… Inexpensive Travel How-To: Destination: Orchards – A Simple Fruit Makes a Great Day Trip

By Arianna Cecchini

Now that summer is behind us and fall is approaching, going to the beach is not an option. The leaves are starting to change and the weather is cooling down fast and fall activities are starting to come into play.

Apple picking, a classic fall activity, is in full swing during September and October. There are two great apple orchards in the state. Not too far from CCSU, there are multiple orchards. Rogers Orchards in Southington, and Averill Farms in New Preston are two nearby options. Rogers Orchards is only eight miles from CCSU, about a 15 minute drive. With many different apples to pick, or even buy in their shop, it is a great and inexpensive way to spend a day out during the weekend.

Nothing is better on a brisk chilly fall day than apple cider and fresh-baked apple cider donuts. Rogers Orchards’ shop is huge, packed with fresh vegetables ranging from squash to corn. They have baskets, barrels and bins full of apples to appeal to everyone. No matter what variety is your favorite, they have them on the trees and in the shops to pick out and buy.

Averill Farms is a little further, about an hour from CCSU, but they have some of the best picking trees, with acres and acres of apple trees — even some pear trees. They have a quaint shop with their own hot cider donuts and homemade cheeses and milk to offer to customers. They, too, sell apples in the shop along with pears and pumpkins in any size. They have something for everyone.

Apple picking defines New England, fall activities. So on a chilly day before a football game, grab a hoodie and a friend and go out to pick some apples. Be creative and make a pie or candied apples afterward, but enjoy the beauty of New England. Even though it is not a nice sandy day at the beach, apple picking is a fun way to spend a day in the fall, without costing a fortune.