Hip-Hop Acts Dominate Spring Concert

By Navindra Persuad

A regular rowdy crowd set the tone for last Satruday’s Spring Concert in Kaiser Gymnasium. Between all of the chaos, the performances proved to be quite entertaining.


Despite the wet and rainy weekend weather and the short line before doors opened, the concert started filling up quickly as tickets were still attainable at the Kaiser Will Call Office. There were also over 100 students in attendance from Post University according to an official who asked for directions to will call.


As usual, students were required to pass through metal detectors and security before entering the gymnasium and upon entrance were greeted with plenty of open space with a well-lit stage.


Radio Station Hot 93.7’s DJ Joey Franchize kicked things off spinning a great set of hit music that got the crowd excited for the four acts that would follow. His set featured a number of hip-hop songs that are currently being played heavily in radio rotation: such as Chris Browns’ “Loyal” and Ty Dollas $’s “Paranoid.”


Franchize is a great local DJ and had the crowd engaged as his set continued. After his set he encouraged the crowd to make some noise for the performing artists, who included Top Dawg Entertainments’ Ab-Soul, ASAP Ferg, Joey Bada$$ and EDM DJ 3LAU.


Ab-Soul came out first and got the crowd going early. Being a clear crowd favorite, he performed songs from his second album Control System. Songs such as “Pineal Gland,” “Bohemian Grove” and “Terrorist Threats,” were among those that were performed from Control System. He also graced the crowd with two of his newer songs “Dub Sac” and “Tree of Life.”


His set was very entertaining and he was the first of the artists to hop off the stage to greet the crowd in the front row which made it a much more interactive; a once in a lifetime experience. Just when attendees thought Ab-Souls performance was intense, ASAP Ferg followed up with a performance that security had to stop briefly to demand that the crowd settle down.


“Tell the cops that everything is alright,” shouted Ferg from the stage. The ASAP Mob is known to have concerts that are intense and get a little out of hand, even before they moved more towards the mainstream thanks to their ‘head-honcho’, so to speak, who is ASAP Rocky. This concert was no different as Ferg performed “Work,” “Shabba” and “Hood Pope.” His hype man jumped into the crowd multiple times to crowd surf again bringing a crazy, yet interactive performance.


ASAP Ferg himself took part in the interaction by jumping into the crowd, but was quite displeased as one of the fans grabbed for his gold chain, breaking said chain in the process. After a quick admonishment, the performance continued with the same intensity that it started with.


There was the occasional pushing and shoving which was more prevalent during ASAP Fergs’ performance, but that comes with almost every spring concert at CCSU. However, this did not prevent any students from having a good time.


Joey Bada$$ was also a crowd pleaser performing songs “95 Til’ Infinity” and “My Yout” just to name a few. He also brought his group Pro Era to the stage to perform a few songs from the Peep: The Apocalypse mixtape.


3LAU served as the closer and electrified the crowd with his music. His performance contained pounding dance music, successfully emulating the vibe of a rave or dance party. Beach balls were thrown into the crowd only to be knocked around by those in attendance; yet another source of interactivity between the artists and the crowd, whom welcomed the performers with cheers and screams. During 3LAUs’ performance he also threw personalized condoms into the crowd which may be heavily related to the EDM community’s involvement in awareness for AIDS/HIV.


Over the past years, various EDM artists such as Tiesto and Calvin Harris have contributed to the cause by releasing a compilations Dance (RED) and Dance (RED) Vol. 2 both of which are currently available for purchase on iTunes.


All of Saturdays performances were wild, but served their purpose to both energize and entertain the crowd in attendance.


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