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Student Style Spotlight

By Kiley Krzyzek

Make a statement this semester with combat boots. The military style lace up shoes are a huge trend right now, available in such a wide variety of designs that can be pulled off with pretty much any outfit.

Originally intended for soldiers, this style of shoe offers ample support and protection. They are comfortable on your feet and offer enough traction so you will not slip around.

Both guys and girls take note – combat boots are for everyone. The classic Doc Martens style shoes have evolved into a wardrobe staple, styles ranging from the classic black to a variety of floral prints. Embellished boots may have studs or be folded over.

Combat boots can be worn with dresses, jeans and anything in between. They will quickly become your go to shoe.

Kat Blair, a Junior at CCSU majoring in Theater, was spotted rocking combat boots with leggings. Her outfit is layered to perfection, with a floral print top under a cardigan, cinched at the waist with her belt. The solid emerald green cardigan makes it appropriate for winter, all the while balancing out the busy print and neutral colors. Kat’s grey socks accentuate her brown boots and accentuate the look very well.