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Lego Movie Builds Way to Third #1 Week Straight

By Jaimie Leasure

To many, the Lego Movie just looks like another animated kid’s movie that wouldn’t seem interesting to anyone 12-years-old and up. But surprisingly, the Lego Movie has a vice grip on the box office currently, leading the box office for the third straight week. From the visuals to the characters and their funny puns, the film was highly entertaining.

The main character, Emmett, is a normal citizen who obeyed the directions he is given in life.  When told to take a shower, what to make for breakfast, and when to go to work, he is completely compliant.  His daily life style is written down on a Lego piece, he followed it like it was his job.

Emmett accidentally runs into WyldStyle later in the film, WyldStyle being a master builder, and was looking for the Piece of Resistance which is an ancient relic that can save the Lego citizens from their ultimate demise.  Instead, Emmett wondered upon the piece and became the prophecy.  WyldStyle hauls Emmett off to see all the Master Builders, including Batman, Princess Unikitty, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and many other known heroes.

The Piece of Resistance is so important to the Master Builders because President (Lord) Business, who rules over Lego city, is trying to keep all the citizens exactly the same with no thought process of their own.  Emmett, WyldStyle and the other Master Builders developed a master plan to conquer Lord Business’s towering fortress, which was continually attempting to tightly binding them to this already pre-planned lifestyle.  In the beginning, Emmett simply saw himself as the normal Lego city citizen but in the end he becomes a true Master Builder.

Throughout the Lego Movie the use of witty puns is constant; heard in what begins to seem like practically every scene. If you weren’t laughing, you likely lack a sense of humor.

The entire Lego community lived in fear of Kragle which in real life is Krazy Glue!  The tube of Krazy Glue has some of the letters rubbed off which in turn creates Kragle.  If Lord Business had control of the Kragle he would freeze the world in place forever.

At the end of the movie, you see Will Ferrell as the father who’s mad that his son has been toying with his Lego set.  After viewing this film, if you don’t want to go to the toy store and buy Lego’s, you likely have no childhood obsession with Lego’s to reminisce about. Everything in this movie looks like it could be made in real life which gets the gears turning in everyone’s imagination.