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Fashion At Your Fingertips With Flink

By Kiley Krzyzek

We all love people watching just to see what everyone’s wearing, but whoever theres always that chance that someone could catch you staring. This is where Flink comes in handy; an iPhone and Android application that allows its users to view what a number of street style bloggers are wearing with just the swipe of a finger.

Flink compiles high quality photos from a ton of fashion bloggers who live everywhere from New York to Paris. So while walking across campus in between classes, waiting in line for food, at any time, users can casually tap their fingers and get the most recent updates around the fashion blogging world to check out who’s wearing what, and what trends are hot.

The best part about Flink is how efficient the app can be for users in terms of time; no need to whip out the laptop and keep tabs on every fashion blog you follow anymore. Flink does the work for you, just swipe down if you don’t like a blogger’s look and keep going, or swipe to the side to see more looks – or see the original blog post.  There’s even an option to follow your favorite bloggers and check out all the looks by them. The Blonde Salad’s a definite favorite.

Just as you can on Instagram, if you like a specific look that has been posted on the app you can give it a heart, giving the app an idea of what your style preferences are like. Then if you click on the diamond in the corner of the screen and click on likes you can revisit all the outfits you have in your user history.

After searching through hundreds of styled outfits, some patterns stick out.

One trend often noticed is that many of the looks feature tights and summery skirts; looks like New Englanders are not the only ones growing tired of winter. Leather pants and jackets also were popular in photos. Along with that, distressed denim is making a comeback, mainly in the form of intentional tears at the knee.

So if you have a few minutes to download Flink and check out how fashion bloggers look, it is highly recommended. It’s like watching  a fashion show but without the stick thin models wearing enough makeup to last a week. These are real women who are actually putting together their own outfits and wearing them out in public.