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SGA Bullet Points

By Joe Suszczynski

  • Student Advisory Committee Representative, Senator Alex Lee, presented an overview of Board of Regents President Gregory Gray and his long term plans for education. It included plans on accessibility, affordability and a high quality of education.
  •  President Brian Choplick in his presidential report reported that Student Government Association Senator Ryan Kayan resigned for reasons not stated.
  •  Public Affairs Committee Chairman Senator Dean Ott, during committee reports, reported that on February 27, 2014 there will be an event in Devil’s Den called “Battle of the Clubs.”
  •  Treasurer Kory Mills in his treasurer’s report reported that base budgets for clubs are due March 7, 2014.
  •  In new business there was a motion to deny a contingency request made from College Democrats by Senator Connor Fallanca. Senator Roberto DiBacco spoke against motion saying it is “pointless to pay out of pocket.” The motion fails with 15 “no” votes, nine “yes” votes and six “abstain” votes.
  •  During open floor, Senator Dean Ott motioned to approve the previously denied College Democrats contingency request. Senator Abdallah Alsaqri opposed the motion saying it is “not a valid contingency request.” Senator Teige Christiano argued for the motion saying it was a valid contingency request. An amendment was made to change the amount from $350 to $235.50 with the amendment passing. The new amended motion was passed with 13 “yes” votes, nine “no” votes, and eight “abstain” votes.