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Them Be Fightin’ Words

By: Paige Brown

This past Sunday, the rivalry between the New England Patriots and the New York Jets took a turn for the worst. And no, I don’t mean the ridiculous call that was made against the Pats, but what happened off the field.

In fact, it wasn’t even the actions of the players, but the fans. There is a video floating around the Internet and on top news outlets of a male Jets fan punching a female Patriots fan in the face. Talk about a real rivalry.

After a slew of fights broke out on the ramps of MetLife stadium after the Jets (luckily) won, angry and drunk fans from both sides were throwing themselves, and their fists, at each other.

But if you ask me, this was pathetic. The fact that sports fans are going so low that they are getting into screaming matches and physical fights is ridiculous.

And yes, as much as I want to blame the jerk that punched a girl because she was in his face about hating his team, I also put some of the blame on her. She ran at him and screamed in his face. Now, I’m not saying that she deserved to be hit, especially by a man, but there’s no need to get in someone’s face for defending his own team.

The reason for the fight wasn’t just because of the shit-talk about “my team is better than yours” or “your team sucks.” It was because of the ridiculous calls made by the infamously overpaid NFL officials.

Unsportsmanlike conduct against the Patriots Chris Jones was called for pushing his own teammate into the offensive line. This is a never-before-called penalty, newly enforced this season.

Not only were fans disgraced, but Bill Belichick put his own two cents in on the call as well. And just like the fans, he was screaming; just at the officials rather than the television (or each other).

Whether you agree with the call and praise the Jets for getting the luckiest win in the NFL or you agree with the idea that it was possibly the WORST call ever made, explained and perused, the actions by the fans were childish and unacceptable.

The NFL, in my opinion, needs to figure out a better way to explain and portray this new “rule” if they are going to make it legitimately stick. And as for the fans, it doesn’t matter how drunk you may be or how big of a fan you are, you cannot represent your team and yourself as someone who screams and attacks others just because of their choice in team.