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Netflix It: Super High Me

By Aundrea Murray

Does Super High Me sound vaguely familiar? For those aware of the 2004 hit Super Size Me, a documentary of a man on a strict diet of only McDonald’s, this film produced by stand-up comedian Doug Benson is a creative spin-off. Both the documentary’s name and its poster emulate the 2004 film.

Rather than gorge on Big Macs in order to prove how bad they are for you, Benson documents 30 days of pot free lifestyle and 30 days of repetitive use to compare the experience and effects of both. Keep in mind that the source of inspiration for most of his comedic material is based off of his avid use of marijuana. Benson supports the habit and is even medically approved to indulge in the plant where it is legal: California.

Though the DVD was released in 2007, it is still proven to be a popular stream on Netflix. Director Michael Blieden, known for his work on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, even made sure to release the film on April 20th which is also known as “420”—a national day made by society promoting smoking cannabis. Many often confuse the day to be legend Bob Marley’s birthday.

Nevertheless, smokers alike tend to gravitate towards movies like these since they represent positivity to the use of marijuana.

However, those against the use can still find Benson’s organic performance to be hilarious, the very least. His self-determination to live a sober lifestyle has its own sense of humor seeing how not smoking is so foreign to him.

The movie also offers insightful material on what became known as the Medical Cannabis Movement. It includes interviews with marijuana activists, dispensary owners, politicians and medicinal patients.

Benson keeps bellies aching and tears forming as viewers laugh at his hypothesis for this experiment. He argues in the film that there may be a huge declination in his SAT scores, overall health and even in his sperm count after his 30-day marijuana binge. The results, however, may shock more than many.

Super High Me has earned three stars on Netflix and has gained diversity points from viewers looking to watch a film that is outside of the box. This may not be the movie to sit and watch with Grandma but after such honest, comedic integrity, you never know.