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Fall Out Boy Releases New Mix-Tape, Pax-Am Days.

By Jacqueline Stoughton

Fall Out Boy sent fans into a frenzy last week upon the surprise release of eight new songs that have been complied into an EP titled “PAX-AM Days”.

The newest sound from Fall Out Boy is the result of a two-night recording session with singer-songwriter and Pax-Am recording studio and label owner Ryan Adams. “Fall Out Boy have clarified that ‘Pax-Am Days’ is not meant to be a proper album,” said Phillip Obsenschain in his report from Alternative Press, “but instead something more akin to a mix-tape.”

The longest out of the eight new tracks runs for only about two minutes, and the rest of the tracks are only about a minute long.  But, like the band members themselves have reiterated to fans, this isn’t an official album; it’s not meant to be.

Fans who have been with Fall Out Boy from the start will truly appreciate this newest release.  Each track is so raw and true to the band’s original roots. Comparable to tracks off their “Take This To Your Grave album, which was released back in 2003, Fall Out Boy proves with this EP that they’re not one of those bands that have sold out in the music industry.  With everything they’ve ever done, they’ve always stayed true to their roots and to who they are as a band.

Fall Out Boy just recently got back together last winter after being on hiatus for three years.  They’ve just released their comeback album back in April titled “Save Rock and Roll” and have already concluded their North American leg of the “Save Rock and Roll Tour”.

Fall Out Boy is now currently preparing to continue their “Save Rock and Roll Tour Arena Tour” in Australia and Mexico, then the band is planning to continue with another leg of the tour in Europe.

The boys of Fall Out Boy just released a new music video for “Love, Sex, Death”, one of the tracks on “Pax-Am Days”.  The video is just as quick and fast-paced as the album as a whole is.  It shows a high-speed video collage of pictures and video clips of the many adventures of the band’s tour.

Along with being available as a stand alone release, “Pax-Am Days” will also be available to fans on Vinyl and will be bundled with the re-release of their “Save Rock and Roll” album as a limited Pax-Am edition two CD set.  This version of the “Pax-Am Days” will be available to fans on November 29.