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Faculty Senate Elects New President

By Acadia Otlowski 

The Faculty Senate elected a new president, Stephen Cohen, at their Monday meeting.

There were four candidates who were nominated previous to the meeting by fellow senators, according to former Faculty Senate president James Mulrooney. All but Cohen turned down their nominations. There were no nominations from the floor.

Cohen, chair of the English department, ran unopposed and was elected to his new position with no discussion.

The senate passed a resolution thanking Mulrooney for his service.

“The Faculty Senate thanks him for that service and wishes him well in his future career at Central Connecticut State University,” read part of the resolution. The resolution also commended Mulrooney for his multiple years serving as both the vice president and president of the senate.

Also elected were individuals for the committees on committees, academic freedom, constitution and by-laws, and appointments and personnel.

A newly formed committee called the Ad Hoc Committee on Vance Lecture, compiled a list of potential candidates that they would suggest to the Robert C. Vance Charitable Foundation. The senate had expressed its dissatisfaction with the lack of progressive speakers over the past few years.

“The Vance Lecture has been a topic of concern for a while,” said a representative from the committee, who compiled a list of suggestions for the lectures, saying: “It is a very rough, sort of working list.”

Some of those who the committee listed included, Hilary Clinton, Michelle Obama and Al Gore.

“We’ll have to price out, to see who is available in terms of price. I think we are looking at something around $75,000,” said the representative, who also expressed that many candidates suggested may be out of the Vance Foundation’s budget. According to the committee, a speaker like Hilary Clinton will run the school about $300,000.

The committee hopes to “bring a different point of view to campus. The senate hopes that the committee will be able to write a formalized letter which the Vance Foundation will consider.  Previous to the creation of the committee, individual faculty members would reach out and suggest speakers, none of which were considered by the Vance Foundation.