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UPass Free For Students

Jacqueline Stoughton

Central Connecticut State University is making yet another effort to decrease their carbon footprint by offering students a free bus pass that will transport them to numerous metro areas in Connecticut. The UPASS, partnered with the CTTransit bus system, will be available for students at a first come first serve basis at the start of each semester.

“The university is paying the expense, it is coming from their general fund,” said Phillip Fry, the Assistant General Manager of Planning and Marketing. “Although I can’t address exactly how the university is paying the bill, student fees may go towards it as well.”

Students can find UPASS available in the Card Office, located inside the bookstore in the Student Center. All students’ need is their UPASS and their CCSU Bluechip card in order for them to utilize this bus system.

The CTTransit bus will carry students to various locations throughout the state, including cities like; Bristol, Hartford, Meriden, New Britain, New Haven, Stamford, Wallingford and Waterbury.

“Three different routes serve CCSU,” said Fry. “Two are New Britain routes, Oak Street and Stanley Street by the west side of campus travel between downtown Hartford and by Target and Westfarms Mall. These routes serve the bus shelter on the west side of Stanley Street, it stops there and makes a counterclockwise loop around campus.”

Both residential and commuter students are beyond excited for this new resource the university has now made accessible to them. Not only does it provide commuter students with free transportation to their classes, but allows all students to venture out and explore new parts of the state without having to spend a cent on gas.

“School is a very large finance in my life and sacrificing not having a car in order for me to afford a good education is one of the things I have to deal with,” said Tyler Richardson, a sophomore at CCSU. Richardson, who lives in an off campus apartment says the UPASS helps her when she wants to travel and go places with friends.

“Going to get my UPASS at @CCSU today, hoping they aren’t all gone,” tweeted Tricia Sunderland, a commuter student at CCSU. “This does help students get to class.”

UPASS is still available for students in the Card Office, but they’re limited. For a full CTTransit bus schedule, students can look online at: