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App Review: Wanelo

By Morgan Skovich

Are you a lover of Pinterest? Do you enjoy spending hours browsing the web and admiring unique clothes, books, accessories, decorations, shoes, etc.? Even if there is no intention of purchasing what you’re viewing, people still love to do it.

If you are one of these individuals, which I’ll assume you are because you’re still reading this, then check out an app that’s similar to Pinterest but with a kick – Wanelo.

Check out the Wanelo app, it stands for Want, Need, and Love. It allows you to buy what you see right then and there. On Pinterest you pin (in other words bookmark) an awesome “wish-list” full of all types of things that you love, but it ends there.

However, with Wanelo you can purchase the items that you like straight from within the app.

It is more for girls then guys, but it can benefit men if girls allow them to see their “wish list” that they have made in the app.

Wanelo makes itself more than accessible to users by having the set up super easy to look at pictures and even easier to save the things that you like to your page.

After you have launched the Wanelo app, you can either create a new account or log in with Facebook. You can choose to get push notifications from Wanelo about your followers and others users too.

If you tap the “Buy It” icon, you will be transferred to the page where you can buy the item, it can be any page on the Internet.

The Wanelo app also has a web version that you can check out by visiting Like Pinterest, offers a bookmark let that provides ability to find things on the Internet and post them to your Wanelo account.

During the present time, most users of the app are women from the ages of 15 to 25 so the variety of products on Wanelo isn’t too wide. Getting more users of different age and personalities to change the range of products would be good – but there are still a great number of items and brands are really great.

I personally would like to see this app develop a little bit further. A prime example would be to email your top 10 items to a friend or a family member, if they were stumped on what to get you for your birthday or another holiday.

Overall, I would give this app an 8 out of 10.