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Jim Calhoun Honored At CCSU Versus Quinnipiac

Jim Calhoun being questioned by the media at the CCSU-Quinnipiac basketball game. Photo: Corey Pollnow

By Corey Pollnow

Jim Calhoun was honored for his basketball contributions prior to the start of the CCSU-Quinnipiac Men’s Basketball game in Hamden on Thursday evening.

The two schools donated $1,000 to the Jim and Pat Calhoun Cardiology Center for the notoriety Calhoun has brought to the state.

Calhoun’s wife Pat asked him who he was going to root for and he responded ,“Basketball.”

Calhoun remains passionate about the sport.

“I miss basketball. I love walking around the floor. I love going to practice. I was there yesterday with Kevin [Ollie], and talking with Kevin about the game for hours” said Calhoun.

Although the attention before the game was on Calhoun, once the official threw the ball up at mid court the attention turned to Coach’s Howie Dickenman and Tom Moore, two of Calhoun’s former assistants who were battling it out for an NEC victory.

Coach Dickenman was an assistant under Calhoun for 14 years and Moore 13.

Calhoun told an amusing story about a recruiting trip with Coach Dickenman.

“I’ve never met anybody like Howie. In all honesty. We were going to see a kid up in Buffalo one time and it was my first year actually. Howie is driving up there and [Howie] says, ‘Gotta get there at 6, gotta get there at 6!’”

“I said, ‘Howie, how far away is this?’”

“‘[Howie says] Up this ramp.’”

“I said, ‘Howie you’re going on the wrong way on this ramp.’ Howie says, “I told you 6 o’clock appointment.’ That same drive, that same aggressiveness is the same thing he did on the basketball court,” said Calhoun.