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Dishin’ It! : Mooya!

By Skyler Magnoli

New Britain and the surrounding areas are crowded with places to eat. No matter what craving is eating at you, there is always a restaurant that will hit the spot. In such a large area, it’s sometimes hard for a new restaurant to open and get the attention it deserves. However, the new burger place, Mooyah in Newington, just opened a few months ago and is already pulling in people every day.

Once you enter the restaurant you are bombarded with the friendly workers who give customers a big Mooyah greeting. Then you are hit with the sweet smell of fries and burgers on the grill; this is where the hard part comes in. Mooyah has so many choices that it will take five minutes just to decide what toppings you want, which is good because there is almost always a line to the door.

The best thing about Mooyah is the choices that it offers. While Mooyah does do a good ole fashion cheeseburger, for those who are health conscious, turkey and veggie burgers are readily available. There are even different options of wheat buns and lettuce wraps to cover your choice of patty. Although the choices don’t just end there, the large assortment of milkshake options from Oreo’s to Snickers to M&Ms and beyond, could leave anyone in agony. There is still the choice of fries and drink which you can get yourself from the vending machine that contains a hundred different types of soda.

Mooyah is a great place to get an affordable burger, fries, and shake. However I wouldn’t necessarily go straight to Mooyah for my greasy burger fix. While the style and taste of Mooyah is similar to that of Five Guys, it just can’t compare. Although Mooyah definitely gets major points for their amazing milkshakes and fries. Their sweet potato fries have to be some of the best; Mooyah has the perfect crispy and seasoning ratios on their fries. The milkshakes at Mooyah are unbelievably delicious and always hit the spot.

Mooyah is conveniently located in the Fenn Road Plaza and is even Blue Chip-friendly. The restaurant is great place to go with friends before a night out, because of its relaxed and modern vibe. The choices are endless and even the pickiest eater can find some type of burger combination they will enjoy.