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Tragedy At Sandy Hook

By Irene W. Yukash

Around 9 am yesterday, a shooter that police have identified as 20-year-old Adam Lanza, entered Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown and opened fire. According to police, 27 have been confirmed dead, 20 of which were children. The shooter is included in the death count and believed to have then taken his own life.

“I was told that there were 3 teachers in the subway shop that had escaped the school, they had run down from the school and that there had been a shooting there,” said Linda Lyons, Newtown resident.

“I have a daughter that’s in elementary school so I starting calling around to see what school it was,” said Jennifer Belward, Newtown resident.  Her daughter does not attend Sandy Hook.

The Fire Department, located just a few steps away from the school was the hub for victims and families throughout the day.  Tearful parents of Sandy Hook students tightly embraced each other as they walked to and from the fire station.

“It is not a simplistic scene, we need to answer every single question,” said Lieutenant Paul Vance at a press conference yesterday afternoon.

Lyons had heard about the incident around 10 am and immediately called friends that may have had children in Sandy Hook.  According to Lyons, the usually bustling intersection near the school was eerily deserted with the exception of police and other first responders.

By the early afternoon most of the town had filled with reporters and helping hands from all over the state.  Caution tape and fire trucks blockaded Dickinson Drive, where the school is located.

“They seemed to have good security, I used to see the children out playing in the fields and the teachers were very mindful of what the children were up to.  It seemed like a terrific school,” said Lyons.

According to Lt. Vance, State Police Spokesman, police immediately entered the school with the focus of searching for students and faculty.  In a press conference yesterday he stated that the shootings took place in 2 classrooms and of the 26 deceased, 24 were pronounced dead on the scene.

According to a statement by Central Connecticut State University President Jack Miller, the principal of Sandy Hook, Dawn Hochsprung, was among the deceased.  She graduated from CCSU in 1993.  To honor her and the other victims, CCSU will hold a vigil Tuesday evening in the Student Center.

Officials released the names of the victims Saturday evening. This list can be found below.

“My heart goes out to all the parents that have lost someone today,” said Belward.


Charlotte Bacon 2/22/06
Daniel Barden 9/25/05
Rachel Davino 7/17/83
Olivia Engel 7/18/06
Josephine Gay 12/11/05
Ana M Marquez-Greene 4/4/06
Dylan Hockley 3/08/06
Dawn Hocksprung 6/28/65
Madeline F. Hsu 7/10/06
Catherine V. Hubbard 6/08/06
Chase Kowalski 10/31/05
Jesse Lewis 6/30/06
James Mattioli 3/22/06
Grace McDonnell 11/04/05
Anne Marie Murphy 7/25/60
Emilie Parker 5/12/06
Jack Pinto 5/6/06
Noah Pozner 11/20/06
Caroline Previdi 9/7/06
Jessica Rekos 5/10/06
Avielle Richman 10/17/06
Lauren Russeau 6/82
Mary Sherlach 2/11/56
Victoria Soto 11/4/85
Benjamin Wheeler 9/12/06
Allison N. Wyatt 7/03/06

Photo By Irene W. Yukash