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“Skyfall” Will Astonish Viewers

By Joe Suszczynski

The James Bond series is perhaps one of the most famous continuing series. It has been around since the early 1960s with Sean Connery portraying the suave and deadly 007. Since then, other actors have had their tenure as the illustrious spy with Daniel Craig currently portraying Bond. He has since made two movies, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. Now he’s back for round three in this new film.

This film is the best of Craig’s tenure as Bond and this is the best Bond movie since 1995’s Goldeneye with Pierce Brosnan. This movie exceeds so many expectations.

Quantum of Solace was not one of the best Bond movies according to movie grapevine, but I cannot say for sure due to not seeing it personally. If it is true, then Skyfall comes back strong putting the James Bond series back on track.

Craig kills it once again in this movie; the man excels as Bond. I’m willing to say that Craig is this generation’s Sean Connery. Craig is 44 years old and I give props to him for doing his own stunts, making them real as he could make them. I see more movies in the future with Daniel Craig as James Bond.

Javier Bardem does an excellent job playing the villain of the movie. Bardem plays a computer hacker who used to work for MI6 and has a bone to pick with M (Judi Dench) due to past events. He strikes fear into people due to his character’s unpredictability despite his presence as someone with knowledge in computers. He reminds me of The Joker in The Dark Knight because of his cunning wits, always surprising the protagonist at every turn where he seems at a disadvantage.

Along with those two actors, I also have to make note of other actors/actresses who did an incredible job. Judi Dench plays a very good “M.”

I also liked that they reintroduced “Q” to the series, played by Ben Whishaw. Despite Q being played by an older gentleman, the late Desmond Llewelyn being most famous, I liked that they decided to make him younger; it makes it easier and funnier to see him and Bond making quips about each other.

The action scenes are great. Given that Craig did his own stunts, everything was life-like and realistic. They also had the right amount of thrill and did not drag on. Sam Mendes, who directed the movie, should do more Bond movies because he seems to get how the series should work.

The writing in this movie was phenomenal. The story was compelling and kept me on my toes. The dark humor that Bond movies have was also included and done well. They also managed to poke fun and make homages to previous Bond films. I enjoyed the happy nostalgia that this film produced. I don’t want to divulge too much of the plot because it could ruin the whole movie itself.

I also want to make a note about the theme song of this movie. I thought Adele did a fantastic job writing and singing the theme of Skyfall. I haven’t heard this good of a theme song since Tina Turner did Goldeneye. The theme song is an important part of a Bond film and is often overlooked, but it should be mentioned and I give credit where credit is due.

Everything about this was simply breathtaking. It’s worth shelling out $10 to see this if you are a James Bond fan; you won’t be disappointed.