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Letter To The Editor: Kaiser Bubble Incident Response

To Those Who Are Responsible for Kaiser Bubble Vandalism:

There were plenty of members of our CCSU community partaking in mischief on Halloween night. For the most part, it is all in good fun and no one gets hurt. However, Thursday morning’s heinous act of vandalism crossed the line in the sand. Destroying the Kaiser Bubble offsets the incredible amount of effort the administration at CCSU has been taking to get that annex back on-line for the students. And now you’ve set fire to your own living room. Hundreds, if not thousands of students have been patiently waiting to use the bubble for recreational sports, including many of the club sports teams we all love and are so proud of. That is an area that many of your friends and neighbors spend most of their free time in, and it cannot be replaced.

Well, colleagues, welcome to the world of being an adult. It’s time to take responsibility for your actions. This is going to be hard to make up for, but I suggest you start doing it. A monthly installment plan is a start, but it’s going to take a while to pay off the possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage. Additionally, there’s a social responsibility to be made up for here, and you owe a debt to our community.

I think you should meet all of the people whom you’ve affected. I would suggest spending some time with those affected by observing how hard they work for the privilege to participate in the activities that take place in that structure. How about running some laps with the Frisbee Club or Lacrosse Club? Maybe training on the mats with the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club or hitting the courts with the Tennis Club and the Volleyball Club would be more appropriate. All of these may help begin to show empathy or remorse, but most of them cannot happen now because a lot of what they do takes place in the Bubble.

This goes beyond our clubs sports teams, what about RECentral? One of the best student services available at this university provides a large portion of what they do in the winter in that bubble. Thousands of students can be affected if fitness classes, open recreation time, and recreational sports suffer. What about the students who work for RECentral? They may or may not have as much work, and thus money, available to them because of your error.

This demands more than a public apology, but you better at least start there. I’m sure the Club Sports Board would like to hear from you. Maybe you can ask their Chair, Brian Choplick, if he’d even allow you to attend one of their meetings after this so that you can apologize.

I am appalled by the news and, personally, I don’t even utilize the bubble all that often. I can’t imagine how those who do are going to take it. I think you owe it to the student body to explain why we should have you as friends, roommates, colleagues, or even classmates anymore. I believe in forgiveness, but forgiveness is not always easy to come by. Our community deserves better than this.

Awaiting your response,

Eric Bergenn
President – Student Government Association