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CCSU Kaiser Bubble Bursted

By Irene Yukash

Kaiser Bubble is closed indefinitely due to vandalism that took place Thursday around 3 am when two CCSU students and a visitor made a 40-foot gash on the tennis court side of the structure.

According to CCSU Spokesman Mark McLaughlin, arrests will be made shortly.

“This is an incredibly stupid act of vandalism in their part, they themselves could’ve been injured,” said CCSU Spokesman Mark McLaughlin. McLaughlin said that the suspects used utility knives, scissors and other sharp objects to carve into the bubble.

Although damage costs are still being assessed, he says that they could be as high as $100,000. In addition to cost damages are consequences felt by those who use the bubble regularly. As of right now, club sports like Rugby, Frisbee and Lacrosse have lost their workout space for the winter. Also affected are the students and REC leagues that utilize the Bubble.

“I’m upset and a little bit angry, but my heart goes out to all the people that are going to be really affected by this,” said Eric Bergenn, President of the Student Government Association. Bergenn says that the recreation directors are currently seeking a new way for club sports to continue practicing.

Investigation is still underway by the police as well as the CCSU Student Conduct office.

“I think that we can all take this an opportunity to understand how much people need to respect each other within the community. This is home to a lot of people, this is kind of like family,” Bergenn says.