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2012 Presidential Election Importance

By Justin Muszynski

The 2012 Presidential Election will end up being one of the most pivotal that this country has ever seen.

Its memorability likely won’t supersede 2008 where the United States elected its first ever African American president,  but this year’s will be more crucial than the last one.

The country is in a delicate state right now. We’re on the verge of really coming back from the recession that has plagued us since 2007. Things are slowly rebounding to where they were before this economic disaster.

The housing market is no longer in a state of abyss. People are buying homes again at a fairly regular rate. As a result, home values will soon begin to return to where they once were if the market continues to progress. The housing market is one of the most telling signs that is dependent upon the country’s economy. When there’s a recession, people can buy homes for much less than when things are prospering, but on the flip side, they also take a loss on the sale of their current home.

The media is also reporting that 401k’s are recuperating. In 2007 and 2008, you heard many complaining that their 401k was down to practically nothing. But recently those too have been headed in the right direction. They are essential in one’s aspirations to retire, but more importantly they are another important indicator of the state of the country’s economy.

Gas prices have also recently dropped and in Connecticut and have fallen below $4 for the first time in quite a while. Gas prices are perhaps the most universal aspect of the recession mostly because they affect everyone in one way or another. Everyone has some form of transportation that they rely on. If you’re driving your own automobile then you have to fuel it. If you fly somewhere or take public transportation, your fees are dependent upon gas prices. Despite Connecticut’s woes with gas, the national average has been on the decline.

What the country needs to decide is if the improvements made to our economy were a result of President Obama’s tenure or were they bound to recover no matter who was in office. If you choose to believe that this was Obama’s handiwork then you have to ask yourself if the policies that he put in place were designed to act as quick fixes in order to get reelected or if they will hold up in the long-haul.

If you decide that Obama was not responsible for the slight upturning of the economy then you’re more than likely in Romney‘s camp. But once again you face a question: Is what Gov. Romney did in Massachusetts applicable to the nation, or is it only effective at the state level?

No matter who is elected into office the simple fact is this: This country is in much too vulnerable of a state for there to be any major mishaps. The next president needs to do everything in his power to make sure that the United States leaves this recession far behind like an ancient memory.

Should we not fully recover from this current recession it could be a disaster. No matter who is elected, the next president needs the country’s full support. You don’t have to believe in the views of the next elected president, but you better well hope he is successful.

If your candidate isn’t elected then you need to swallow your pride and support our president so he can lead our economy out of the inadequate condition that it is in.