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Editorial: Students Should Embrace Opportunities On Campus

Opportunity shows itself in many different forms. For the staff of the Recorder, opportunity knocks during each semester when we are invited to attend the Associated Collegiate Press Conference.

This Fall we will be invading the beautiful city of Chicago during a very tumultous time during this election season, something not many journalism students have the chance to do. In the past we have been invited to Seattle, Los Angeles, Orlando and this spring we will be shipping to San Francisco.

This conference will give our editors and writers the chance to learn from some of the best journalists and teachers in the country, possibly the world. Hundreds of seminars will be conducted for us to choose from. Something like this doesn’t need to be sold, it sells itself. Anyone would be silly not to take advantage of that kind of networking and experience.

But the Recorder isn’t the only group on campus blessed with great opportunites. Other media groups like Off Center Magazine and The Helix are also invited to literary conferences around the country as well, with no cost to the students whatsoever. The Society of Professional Journalists organize mulitple trips every year, including a trip to Washington for this years Presidential Inauguration.

If one were to take a stroll around either the student center or any area with a large notice board, it would be hard for them to not notice all of the great things going on on our campus.

There dozens, if not hundreds, of flyers around campus advocating study abroad programs in countries all over the world. They could be for a week or for the whole semester.

There are plenty of chances for students to escape the confines of New Britain, going not only to places all over the country but possible all over the world. (INSERT MANIACAL LAUGH!!!!)

Other groups like Habit for Humanity, history club, psychology club and the political science department host a plethora of trips every semester, all one needs to do is become an active and involved.

Too many times members of our publication have heard that there is not enough for students to do whiles at CCSU. Many complain that their experiences here are limited to campus which, at times, can feel a little small. But that simply is not true.

By joining these clubs and organizations you are not only filling your resume but fulfilling life experiences that you may not have been able to do otherwise.

If one doesn’t take the initiative to get out and get involved around campus, you risk the possibility of not being able to develop the nesseccary skills that will help you grow as a college under-graduate. You don’t want to become one of those students that was here for four or five years, but that never left their mark. Theres more of you to leave behind that just a carbon footprint. END RANT