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CCSU Hosts Electric Car Show

By Amanda Webster

CCSU celebrated National Plug In Day on Sunday by hosting an electric car show in Welte parking lot.

CCSU’s Global Environmental Sustainability Action Coalition (GESAC) and New England Electric Auto Assn (NEEAA) worked together to put on the event. Different types of electrically charged vehicles were on display for the public to view along with panels and discussions to participate in hosted in Alumni Hall.

The panels were made up of different owners of electric vehicles and they answered questions concerning mileage, gas conversions, and costs of different cars. There was also a chart to compare electric cars with each other so potential consumers could see what the best deals are on the market.

Merrill Gay was among the group of individuals showing off their different vehicles. His vehicle, a Vela mobile, looks somewhat like a hybrid between a rocket ship and a bicycle.

“It’s peddle powered with an electric assist,” said Gay when asked how his vehicle worked. “If you’re going up a big hill it’s nice to get a little extra power.”

Gay said he loves to ride his Vela everywhere and takes every opportunity to show it off.

Everyone at the show agreed that an interest in electric cars was a very interesting hobby and many of the participants said they had been involved with electric sustainability since they were young.

Greg Robie said that his interest in electric cars started when he was little but had to be put off in order to pursue a career.

More than just a hobby, Robie explained that he enjoyed working with electric vehicles because he was able to educate others about the good they do for the environment.

“We have to get more people aware that they don’t need to be spending a ton of money every week on gasoline,” said Robie.

Robie explained that he was lucky enough to pursue this hobby after retirement. “It got to the point where I was able to ask myself, what do I want to do for fun?” Robie said. “And I realized it was this.”