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CCSU Family Day Lacks Foundation

By Rachael Bentley 

Upon arriving at CCSU’s campus on Family Day, I was surprised to notice that there were very few people on campus. The Student Center was quiet as a tomb, and there were very few people walking around. Soon enough my family and I came across Vance Lawn, which is where a large portion of the festivities were to be held, only to see a few tents pitched, some tables for sitting down and two microphones set up for the entertainment.

The “Back Yard Games” that were advertised around campus the week before consisted of sand art, troll games, an inflatable rock-climing wall with a 100 pound weight limit, and some lawn games. The RECentral tent was giving away free temporary tattoos and travel sized deodorant and there was a balloon contortionist. I even spotted a table filled with a CCSU sorority chapter, but it was unclear what they were actually doing.

Having brought my mother, father and two 14-year-old siblings, I was at a loss as to what they could do. After a half an hour of waiting in line to create a sand creation with my sister, salvation came in the form of an all male a capella group. After two minutes it was obvious that whoever was in charge of working the sound board was unable to get the settings right because the feedback was louder than the actual singers.

My family lasted all of half an hour before they decided to go home. I couldn’t actually blame them, seeing as how every booth was catered towards five-year-olds. Especially since we found out we had to pay for the food at the event.¬†It seemed bizarre to me that no one thought,

“Hey, what are the college kids and adults going to do at this event?”

At other colleges around the country family day is considered one of the biggest events of the year, and they take the oppertunity to show off their school very seriously. It seems that CCSU dropped the ball in this regard, and I’m afraid my parents think I am one of a handful of students that actually go to this school based on this weekends turnout.