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Police Advise Students Of Recent Break-Ins

By Justin Muszynski

The CCSU police have warned students about a series of car break-ins that have occurred in the New Britain and West Hartford area.

As of yet, no break-ins on campus appear to be related to the ones that are happening nearby, according to Sgt. Jerry Erwin of the CCSU police.

“We have been advised by the West Hartford Police and New Britain Police that those two departments have seen an increase in burglaries into motor-vehicles,” said Erwin.

He added that the closest place to CCSU that suffered a break-in was Brittany Farms Health Center, which is only a few miles from CCSU’s campus.

“We’ve stepped up our patrols to be visible in case any of those situations happen here we’ll at least show that we’re present,” Erwin said.

The police sent out a crime alert to all students in the form of an email that notified them of the situation and included some quick tips on how to avoid being a victim of a car burglary. While this notification was not required by the police under The Clery Act, they sent it out as a courtesy to make students aware of their increased risk.

“It’s more of a preventative effort to keep it in peoples’ heads that they need to do basic things like lock their car and avoid leaving things visible that a criminal might want,” said Erwin.