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Activities Noted By Commuter Students

By Jacqueline Stoughton

As students settle into the routines of a new semester, many incoming students are wondering what to do with their spare time in between classes.

In particular to freshman commuters, many students are unsure of what they could do before their next class, rather than just isolating themselves in a corner of the library hidden behind piles of homework.

“Being off campus, I’m kind of disconnected from things that are happening on campus or any other kind of events,” says Jesmarie Disdier, a freshman commuter who also struggles with getting involved on campus. “It’s hard to connect with classmates so soon, unless you’re an outgoing, over zealous person.”

It is said that residential students have it easy when it comes to making friends. They have their roommates and other students living in the same building as them. Most students even have friends going to school with them that they already knew from high school.

“People come to CCSU with people they’re already friends with. It’s hard to break out from that friend group since they’re kind of like a safety net” Disdier said.

Although putting oneself out there proves to be difficult for most in a new setting, many freshman commuters have found clubs to participate in, making the process of easing into college life easier. Disdier said that she got involved with multiple clubs on campus, including a sorority, student government, and the marketing and business club, a club that is relatable to her major. She said she’s also exploring the idea of joining other clubs such as Ultimate Frisbee.

Not all commuters are having this struggle. Jeremy Millan, also a freshman commuter, describes his transition as a commuter as being a very smooth and easy transition.

“We just go up to a group of people and talk, ask questions and opinion,” says Millan, who has found the process of putting yourself out there in order to meet new people has been quite an easy task for him. “Don’t be afraid. There’s nothing to be afraid of. People are afraid of being judged or something, but we’re all doing the same thing so just don’t be afraid.”