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Students See Policy As Too Extreme

By Alyssa Pattison

The proposed ordinance made by Mayor Timothy O’Brien has caused some concern among CCSU students that live off-campus and have others looking for different solutions to resolve the matter.

Residents of New Britain’s Belvedere neighborhood spoke up last week against rowdy off-campus behavior which led to a proposed ordinance. If adopted the ordinance will allow police to fine property owners and students each time police respond to a nuisance complaint.

“I feel like for college students at this age, they need an outlet. To party is a way to let it out,” said Kaili Shi, a graduate student at CCSU living in the Belvedere neighborhood. “I would enjoy a quiet study or sleeping environment.”

“College students want to party and hang out at their house. We don’t have a lot of money to begin with,” said Joshua Kelly, a student at CCSU renting on Francis Street. Kelly also said that he has noticed increasing police activity off-campus.

“I think students are still going to do it. It’s not going to stop anything, it’s just going to hurt our financial situations even more,” continued Kelly. “I think warnings would be better.

NIck Alaimo, SGA treasurer and an off-campus resident, said that as students, it is encouraged to respect our community.

“I’m not saying we can’t. It has to be a give and take,” Alaimo said. “Compared to other schools, I think we are a lot more calm.”

When considering the future of off-campus social life with the new ordinance, Alaimo said he wasn’t worried about it.

“It might effectively lower the amount of noise in that neighborhood, which they’re concerned about, but I don’t think it’s an appropriate way to fix the blight issue,” said SGA President Eric Bergenn. “It is also going to negatively impact student life on the weekends here, which is something that administration and student organizations have dedicated this year to working on. Perhaps raising awareness would be a better step.”

“The college isn’t going away or get smaller, so we’re just going to need to find ways to work with the two groups together in the same community,” said Bergenn. “There is a positive effect we can have.”

Sgt. Jerry Erwin of the CCSU Police Department said that New Britain is the primary responder and it’s their jurisdiction. He also said if they are in need assistance they will call CCSU PD and they will respond.

“Hopefully people will understand enough is enough, you have to respect the people in the neighborhoods and the community here at Central and realize that you can be sanctioned for your off-campus behavior by the university,” Erwin said.