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Batman “Rises” To The Occasion

By Joe Suszczynski

Besides Superman, Batman is one of the most beloved superheroes in DC Comics. With his cape and do-good attitude, he has devoted his life to fighting crime. Many times movies have attempted to recreate the “Caped Crusader.” Christopher Nolan had tried his hand at the Gotham warrior.

The story of The Dark Knight Rises starts with a strong and intelligent mercenary named Bane who wears a breathing apparatus over his mouth. Bane begins to terrorize Gotham City causing Bruce Wayne, who is secretly Batman, to come out of an eight year retirement. Batman is then faced with challenging obstacles set by his enemies.

In regards to performances, every actor did a fantastic job, even with Christian Bale’s digitally enhance deep voice he does when he’s Batman.

Tom Hardy’s role as Bane was impressive. Hardy had to put on muscle to fit the character, and it paid off. It was refreshing to see the portrayal of Bane being true to the source material. Bane in Batman Robin, was super strong but also came off as unintelligent, who could only say his own name. This version of Bane was the complete opposite and the role was definitely given to the right actor.

Anne Hathaway gave a noteworthy performance playing Selina Kyle. Hathaway is mostly known for “chick flick” movies, so when I heard she was going to be in a superhero movie, I was a bit skeptical. She cut that skepticism with a knife.

The story was also well written. There are some twist and turns that kept you on your feet, especially for a movie that is two hours and forty-five minutes long. You get to see Batman’s place in the world and how he has to overcome many obstacles to preserve the city once again. He has relationships with people strained due the extreme nature of the situation. A nitpick with the script was there were at times that the movie was cliché, but that can be overlooked when reflecting on the depth of the movie. Nolan and the other screenplay writer David S. Goyer show their writing talents in this film.

Along with being a good writer, Nolan did an excellent job directing. He did wonders capturing certain elements of Gotham making them gritty and unbearable, but gave that feeling of hope. He also captured the emotions of the characters throughout the movie and showed their struggles in a brilliant way.

The Dark Knight Rises is a terrific movie overall. Top-notch acting and a well written script alone makes it enjoyable, but Nolan’s depiction of the story is what makes this movie stand out. I am sad to see this franchise end because Nolan is a talented director who sticks to the source material without undermining it. I’m sure this movie will break some top 10 best movies of 2012.