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CCSU Soccer Coach Trashes Copies Of Student Newspaper In Student Center

By Nicholas Proch

CCSU Soccer Head Coach Shaun Green was seen on camera dumping stacks of the The Recorder newspaper into trash containers in the Student Center this week.

Around 150 copies of the student-run newspaper were either thrown out or ruined. Three display racks, all located in the Student Center, were emptied.

According to the police report, at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday CCSU Soccer Head Coach Shaun Green removed a stack from the stand in the Devil’s Den lounge and cafeteria. The incident was visible from the video cameras that overlook the area.

The report states that he was accompanied by Assistant Coach Paul Wright. At 1:41 p.m., Green was seen on camera by the bookstore with a stack of newspapers in his hand before exiting the building.

“The University is taking this as a serious matter,” said Associate Vice President Mark McLaughlin. “But as of right now it’s a personnel issue, so we are refraining from comment at this time.”

Coach Shaun Green was contacted by The Recorder at his home, but declined to speak about the incident this afternoon.

According to the report, CCSU Police Officer Stephanie McAllister attempted to contact Green via phone but was “unsuccessful.” She left an email asking Green to call her back at the department in regards to the case.

At 10 p.m. on Thursday, over eight hours after the incident occurred, Green called the department back and stated that he had taken the newspapers and thrown them away.

Sergeant Orlando Oliveira talked to Green. The report says, “Green stated that he did not like the article in the paper regarding the CCSU Soccer team.” Afterwards, Green apologized to Oliveira and said, “he would not take anymore.”

The article he was referring to was in regard to the soccer team’s disqualification from next year’s postseason due to NCAA academic sanctions.

The report states that the information will be forwarded to school administrators for review and that the case is now closed.

“The matter is being reviewed by the administration,” said McLaughlin. “Coach Green will be asked to come in and review the incident, as well.”

The Student Press Law Center’s website lists several potential repercussions for someone who is found to be guilty of theft of newspapers.

“Newspaper theft is censorship. And if the perpetrator is a government official — which would include any public school administrator, employee or faculty member,” says the SPLC website. “He or she has likely violated the First Amendment and can be sued under applicable civil rights laws.”

Green is considered a public employee, as he is employed by the state of Connecticut.

There have been several cases similar to the one involving Green this year which are still under investigation by campus police departments around the country.

In an email exchange with Sports Information Director and Assistant Athletics Director Thomas Pincince, the Athletics Department declined to comment on this incident at the time.

The Recorder will pursue more information on the incident and update the story throughout the coming days.


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