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Album review: Kid Cudi’s ‘Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager’

By Nick Rosa

Kid Cudi’s second album, “Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager,” is definitely a darker look into the rapper’s life since his last album over a year ago.

Cudi’s strength has always been making melodies and beats that are strange, but appealing to the ear and mind. He is a rapper that spends the majority of his time singing, but what sets him apart from all other rappers is that his singing is able to create a dark but not a depressing vibe. His melodies and lyrics in this album are like a connect the dot book about his life and the listener always gets the picture.

In this album there are 17 new songs that will bend your mind and lyrics of strange story through the eyes of Mr. Rager, who is Kid Cudi.

This five-part narrative follows Kid Cudi through a life of parties, women and drugs. It really puts you into his mind and shows his darker side of life.

This album adds a rock/indie rock edge with guitar solos that really blend with his melodic sound. The rock isn’t in all of the tracks but you get to hear some of his innovative guitar solos in songs like “Maniac,” “Marijuana” and the radio hit “Erase Me” featuring Kanye West.

Other songs like “Trapped in my Mind,” “Ghost,” “Don’t play this song,” “Marijuana” and the mood all share a glimpse of Cudder’s mind through his use of drugs and alcohol. If you are an avid Cudi fan you know that basically that’s what his music is and what it’s about.

We know Cudi as a “lonely stoner” and I know a lot of people can relate to his music. He makes that “riding music” for people to enjoy when they are high under the influence of marijuana.

He has two songs dedicated to smoking weed called “Marijuana” and “Ashin Kusher” on the album all about smoking and how his life is consumed around it. He says, “Pretty green bud, all of my bud, ohhh I need it/ always has my back,” showing what he really believes in his world of drugs.

But you don’t have to smoke to enjoy the album. His sound is always unique and lyrics always strays away from the normal life people expect you to live by and goes out of the box and avoids those “social norms” and that’s what makes, at least me, interested in him and his music.

Overall the album is creative, new and different to the ear and mind. I will say it is not as good as his first Man on the Moon but it is definitely the typical Cudi album that you will enjoy and should go pick up to add to your iTunes.