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Lamont Considers Bid for Governor

Lamont_MugFormer Senate candidate and CCSU political science adjunct professor Ned Lamont announced he is considering running for governor of Connecticut, days before Gov. Jodi Rell declared she will not run.

During his lecture Thursday on the value of an entrepreneurial culture in the state, Lamont was asked directly if he was running for governor. He responded that he was filing for a “state-wide office.” The day before, Wednesday , Nov. 4 he announced that he formed a committee that would review the possibility of running for governor.

“I have been constantly reminded during these conversations that Connecticut is not living up to its potential and that too many of our families are still being left behind,” Lamont posted on his 2010 Exploratory Committee’s Web site. “Simply put, Connecticut’s current Chief Executive is not getting the job done.”

In 2006 Lamont defeated incumbent and current Sentator Joseph Lieberman (I- Conn.) in the Democratic primary, but lost to Lieberman for the Senate seat on Nov. 7, 2006. His campaign focused on portraying him as the anti-Iraq war candidate who would question former President George W. Bush.

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  1. admin November 8, 2009

    Do you think you could grab more info on how, whether he is running, platforms, etc… ? We NEED a few more sentences of info in this story about his running for office, if we are even going to mention it in this story.

    We can use tomorrow to call, visit him.

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