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Letter: In response to Joe Zajac’s “Humble Proposition”

In response to Joe Zajac’s “Humble Proposition,” I seriously hope that his sweeping generalization of CCSU Athletics and college sports in general is a failed attempt at satire or humor.

I respect and agree with the idea that there must be a balance placed on academics and all extracurricular activities, let alone sports. But to call for the demolition of the athletic fields through an argument primarily based on a lack of parking is simply absurd.

He begins his piece by complaining that he was “forced” to park all the way up at the athletic fields lot. He then suggests turning the fields into a parking lot as a solution. Wouldn’t that lot be even further away from the rest of the campus? Solid logic there, Mr. Zajac.

College is a place of learning where one can see differing lifestyles, viewpoints and expand their outlooks on life in general. To accuse those who wear “socks and sandals” of dragging down and infesting the campus is another irrational general statement. An accusation that is seriously lacking in the type of acceptance and intelligence that one would expect to find in Zajac’s utopian sports-free University.

It’s unfortunate that some student-athletes may view CCSU as just a place to play, but a number of those people are the ones who put our school on the map in terms of the media spotlight and more recognition. Whether you like it or not, athletes get Central’s name in the paper on a daily basis. That’s free advertising for the University itself every time we beat Quinnipiac or Sacred Heart. No other function on campus can come close to matching pride and notoriety for our school the way an athletic event can.

CCSU isn’t Harvard, Stanford, or Yale. Why try and fake it at the expense of the Athletic Department?


Kyle Dorau, Class of 2009

Former Sports Editor- The Recorder