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Tapes ‘n Tapes: Still Kicking Out the Jams

By Jason Cunningham / Entertainment Editor

Tapes n’ Tapes has been pretty busy. Though we haven’t heard much about any future releases from the band, we’ve seen them push through quite a few tour dates in support of their second LP, Walk It Off, which was released in April of 2008.

Fans had mixed feelings about Walk It Off, but initially supported the band’s effort and flooded venues to catch their infamously fun live shows. I was one of those fans, making sure to catch the April 18 show back in 2008 at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston. Though he had a throat cold and could barely sing through most of the set, Josh Grier pumped up the audience all the same, and the crowd appreciated his humor and intensity on stage. The set was long, the place was jam-packed, and the feelings of support were through the roof.

A little more than ten months later I returned to the Paradise Rock club for their show on Feb. 24. The venue was about half full this time around, with fans’ enthusiasm cruising at mild at best.

What was the deal? Wasn’t anyone excited to hear what new stuff the guys had been working on? Didn’t they want to hear Grier with a full, healthy voice? I was nothing but confused. When they took the stage you could almost see their disappointment at the turnout.

So what did we get? That night we were treated to a fantastic performance. Though the crowd was small, Tapes n’ Tapes still gave it their all, and blew my mind away.

There wasn’t a spectacular light show; there weren’t any corny antics, only a rock band, playing rock music. There’s a certain amount of honesty presented when we see a band play a fantastic show with nothing helping them along except their talent and personality.

The set was a tad shorter than the rest of the previous dates on the tour, but what we got in exchange was some new material, tight performances and a band who clearly enjoys playing their songs to an extent beyond the crowd’s satisfaction. I appreciate that their solider of soul attitude pays off big in a live setting. This allows most of their studio material to translate into fantastic live shows.

My head is still filled with excitement even now for what Tapes n’ Tapes will give us with their third release. It’s a shame more people didn’t make it out that night.

If you get the opportunity and you love live music, please check Tapes n’ Tapes out. It’ll be a worthwhile investment of your time. Personally, I can’t wait till they come back this way, I’ll be encouraging as many people as possible to make it out and support them.